Sunday, June 21, 2015


This Saturday I was lucky enough to visit Augustus Jenkins Farmer's family farm and gardens in South Carolina.

He is the author of "Deep-Rooted Wisdom: Skills and Stories from Generations of Gardeners.  At the farm he is promoting the resurgence of the crinum lilly.

His approach to gardening is very organic but in a southern way.  Lots of natural materials to make the support structures, bee hives, found "yard art."

It was a wonderful place to photograph.
a blue and silver bottle tree...

He, his Mom and the folks working there were so helpful.

One of my biggest surprises was finding out I really loved lemon and fig shaved ice.  Of course it was 95 degrees plus by 9:00 in the morning so I think almost any shaved ice would have been wonderful!
This has been a crazy week so today I am trying to take it easy...I have one quilt soaking in the tub (couldn't wait for better quilt washing weather...this one needed a bath now!)  And while wait through the 20 minute cycle of changing really dirty water I continue to work on bindings for the quilts for the VA...just one more to go!!!

Did learn something wonderful though...the bright quilt that is being washed right now also has some denim in it!  (the dark blue cornerstones...)  So it fits well with the other quilts I bought from the estate last week!


Sherrill said...

The pix are all so pretty! Is that your clotheslines? Not many folks have those anymore and that's kinda sad. Whats a crinum lily? I think that is the COOLEST bottle tree ever!!

Janet O. said...

Gorgeous flowers!
Now that is a flavor of shaved ice I can't even begin to imagine.
Hope the quilts come out of their baths just sparkling! : )