Thursday, April 27, 2017

Back from the quilter!

Today two quilts came back from Patty Lennon, a local longarm quilter who is in my guild.

First is a quilt I am making for my sister.  I used Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Trip Around the World pattern only I put it on point!

Changes it a bit.  I've made at least 4 of the regular so wanted to try something just a bit different!

Of course then I had a table-full of 2-1/2 inch strips from making my sister's quilt-top so I played with another Bonnie pattern...think this one is Carolina Chain?  (Can't get to my books right now...)

This is really a fun pattern and uses a lot of scraps!  Now I just need to make lots of binding!  Plus set up my old Bernina...that machine just powers through binding!

Which is helpful.  As I said I can't get to my books...mainly since the MS has crept up on me.  I went to the guild bee feeling a bit weak.  By the time I got home I could barely make it into the house.  Right now I am back to using a walker.  It happened that fast!  Hoping it turns around just as quickly!


judith lockhart said...

Pretty quilts - such nice colors and I really like your 'low volume' backgrounds. Hope your energy levels come back up!! It's nice to see your work!

Janet O. said...

Two very cheerful quilts, Sio!
Oh, I hope the MS backs off very soon!!

Sherrill said...

Beautiful quilts--I've cut strips cut for a pink/green and green/purple scrappy trips. Love the on point!! Hope you get back to a steady state real soon, will pray for you!

R & E said...

Wow - your Scrappy Trip is STUNNING - what fun to make a stunning quilt out of scraps - I hope she loves it - I sure do!!!

Such a bummer having to deal with MS - I am sorry to hear of the sudden change - You are such a model for great attitude.

Stay creative and strong.

Laura in IA said...

Do the fragrances in a large group like for your retreat affect your health? I have stopped attending meetings regularly because I need at least a couple of days to recuperate. I do not have MS just sensitivity to chemicals, especially those related to fragrances which are in everything from laundry products, cleaning, perfumes or body care - you know, everywhere in this day and age.

Vic in NH said...

What a fun filled pair of quilts! They are so bright and refreshing after our long winter. hope you feel better soon!

R & E said...

It's so pretty! I'd want to keep it myself!

BTw, I'm hoping to see the border you've come up with on the Lozenge quilt - I am having trouble getting it out of my head, as I'm having similar issues on the border of a current quilt. I'm on "version 4" of one border and think it's working this time - hope to see yours back in design form - I'm loving it! Keep on coming up with border ideas - one will be perfectly "right".

Sherrill said...

Have a question but first--sure hope you're feeling at least some better!!! I'm wondering if you can tell me, whenever you get a chance, what the pattern was that you used on the raffle quilt some years ago where the backgrounds were scrappy grays and the appliques were beautiful bright colors. Thanks!!!