Sunday, April 02, 2017

Rock and Checkers Quilts

Today is a rest day after the photo workshop on Friday and some "cleaning" in the sewing room Saturday.  Another UFO, checkers Quilt, is up on the design wall and will be my April finish.

I also got all the parts cut out for my guild's Mystery Quilt at the Masters Workshop later this month.

I bought the fabric at our LQS which was having a sale on Saturday that forced even my sore body out into public!

When I got home I was surprised to see the fabrics I chose were so close the photos I had taken at Heggies Rock!  Shows how much our environment influences our color choices!  Think I may call this my Heggies Rock Quilt!

Most amazing of all...the pieces are all cut, labeled, and neatly stowed away...I'm never this far ahead!

Back to my UFO...this is at least 5 years old!  Today I decided to do a variation on the setting triangles...I think I like it.  Brightens up the repros a bit.

I do love how some of these little 25 patch blocks look like tiny quilts (1-inch blocks)...great inspiration for future color combinations.


Janet O. said...

That is a really cool idea for the setting triangles!
I am liking this quilt. Just squares and strips, but great visual impact!

AnnieO said...

Very fun blocks to play with! Love your photos too.