Monday, April 24, 2017

Busy Weekend

Estate sales and quilting made for a busy weekend!

I was looking for a spinning wheel for my niece and saw a couple listed at a local estate sale.  In the end I didn't get either of them.  One was way too large and the other I wasn't sure was working properly.

I did get some fun little things for me...silver spoons with delft shoes on the bottom (yes, I have a thing for Delft...started with a tea set my cousin gave me when I was 5 years old!), a fun container for sewing stuff in my sewing room,

and a cute little children's handkerchief.

I have no idea how old it is but the colors are great!  So all that fun for less than $10!

Then I went to my guild's "Mystery at the Masters" quilting day.  Now I'm not usually a mystery person (except for Bonnie Hunter's mysteries!) but I thought it would be a fun day.

It was a full workshop with over 40 quilters in the room!  We used a mystery pattern from Debbie Caffrey called O sole Mio.  I got as far as step 9...pretty good.

Except by 3:00 in the afternoon I was fried!  I ended up spending Sunday frog-stitching (ripping out stitches) from the blocks in step 9 and am resewing today.  My left arm had gone numb and the seams from step 9 had gone all cattywampus leaving me with wobbly edges and about 1/4 inch difference!  Not acceptable!

As I press the redone blocks I also realized why I don't do 3 fabric quilts...I get fabric-bored.  Since it was a mystery and didn't have scrappy suggestions I went with the pattern.  I'm sure it will be a pretty quilt but I don't enjoy the process as much.

On the Watson front...still no fence!  We had heavy, heavy rain this morning so I doubt they will be working on it today.  He is doing a better job of accepting it though...lots of walks and treats seem to be helping!


Sherrill said...

Poor puppy boy looks so disgusted! HA Can't wait to see the finished 3 color quilt--I'll bet it's gorgeous-oh.

julieQ said...

I know what you mean...I love the variety of 100 fabrics...but I bet your quilt will be gorgeous!!

Janet O. said...

That was a lot of fun for under $10!
I have a hard time with limited fabrics, too. If the colors are restricted, at least let me use a variety of scraps within that color.
Sorry about all of the issues--numbness, wobbly seams, and unpicking.
Hang in there, Watson!

Karen said...

The spoons with the Dutch shoes.....cute as can be. Wonder if the spoons were ever used.
I know nothing about spinning wheels. I know my sister spun yarn at one time but why, I don't know. I saw a spinning wheel at an antique mall a few days ago but it was huge. I don't know why there are different sizes.

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