Sunday, April 09, 2017

Golf has taken over Augusta...making it difficult for me to think of much else this weekend!

The challenge for my guild's show this fall is "picture this"...a small quilt inspired by a photograph.  I keep looked at golf photos wondering if I could incorporate husband would like that!

On the UFO front (which I really should be focusing on instead of a new project!)  I finished piecing 3 backings this week.  That is a lot of yardage out of the stash.  Most of it was from fabric I bought on sale with the purpose of using it for backing.  One was made up of a bit of everything...

I finished up the liberated squares.  I decided to make a table runner.  I have a back all ready and plan to quilt it this week.  I may have some real (as in quilted and bound) finishes for April!

A glutton for punishment I put another UFO on the board.  I think this was Bonnie Hunter's leader and ender project for last year.  I was all gun-ho for a month getting lot of baggies of bits cut out and then for some reason it was put away...well, you know what happens then!

I like how it has so many of my favorite repro fabrics in it.  When finished it will be a good reminder or record of my stash.

I did sort of break my rules this time.  The first box/basket I opened had three projects in it!  Two are finished tops and one still needs a pieced border.  The two tops are in the "need a backing" pile and the one that needs a border is back into the UFO stack.  I think I need to order some Cherrywood fabric before I can finish that one! (far right in the photo!)

Finally on the Dobby front...he is doing better.  Still recovering.  He at least lets me check his scrapes now.  They all seem to be healing well.  This morning he stole Watson's breakfast so another step closer to normal!


Shasta Matova said...

I've got plenty of UFOs that need a little extra to finish them off. Good luck with yours. Those lozenges look great. I was hoping to make some, but never even started, so you are much farther along than I am!

julieQ said...

I am loving working on my UFo's too!! Guess what? You were one of the very first people ever to comment on my blog, when I first started it many years ago. Thank you so much!

Sherrill said...

Whoa, you got a lot going on there!! It's always good to find tops that only need backs..not too difficult (most of the time). Glad Dobby's doing better but poor Watson.

ytsmom said...

I think I must have missed it, but what happened to Dobby? Waiting for Sergio to finish out and win!!

Janet O. said...

This weekend the Masters has dominated many conversations--and the TV--at our house. That would be really cool if you could incorporate a golf photo into a quilt.
Look at you go on the UFOs. I am impressed.
I love quilts made from Cherrywood fabrics. I've never used them myself, but I don't think I have seen something made from them that I didn't like.
Good news that Dobby is improving. : )

Loris said...

I saw a mention of the Master's in the news and thought of you :-) A busy,crowded week no doubt. I hope it brings some inspiration for a quilt.
I'm so glad to hear Dobby is doing better. Poor kitty needs to explore in better weather. Stealing food is always a good sign of return to health in my house!