Tuesday, September 11, 2018

a look back

I was editing some photos today and since my photos are filed by date taken I wondered what I had done previous years at this time...

In 2012 Goldie was modeling on a scrappy top I was gifted.  I started making a repro of this one...wonder where that UFO ended up!
2013 - This was my first project using linen for the background with wool appliqued on top.  It is now an almost finished table runner!
Interestingly Goldie was posing that day too!
2014 - I taught a string spiderweb workshop!  Very fun day...but no cats!

2015 - I was in Boston...not a lot of quilting going on!

2016 - I was doing some work on my Singer 404 with Goldie supervising (amazingly I do have another cat and a dog but I guess they don't pose like Goldie does!)


Janet O. said...

That was fun to see the same time period over the past few years. Now I am curious to go back through my photo files and see what I was doing in past years at this time.

Shasta Matova said...

I've done that before - taking a trip down memory lane, but I wind up seeing quilts that haven't been finished, so I have stopped doing that.

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