Sunday, September 09, 2018

First Florida Quilt!

My first "florida" quilt!  We live very close (too close even!) to Renninger's Antique and flea market.  It is one of the largest in the state.

I try not to go often as I am still in the process of organizing what I moved down here! But this one caught my husband's eye and while had my back turned he bought it...which is fine by me!

Not sure if it was a kit or a pattern.  The pink fabric is almost a sateen which makes me think this is circa 1920's.

The workmanship is excellent.  This is one of those quilts that looks best on a bed!  Recently I've just kept is folded over a chair in the spare bedroom.


Chantal said...

It IS a gorgeous one. Coming from me that means a lot because I don't like pink, ha! The quilting is very interesting. I've never seen that pattern before. I'm happy your husband went for it. It's a beauty! ;^)

Connie the Cootie Bug said...

Your quilt surely is a pretty one!

Janet O. said...

What beautiful workmanship. Good for hubby, buying it for you.
I love the close views of the quilting. You can see that the quilting lines are marked with pencil, and that is how my mother learned to mark her quilts. It was only on the last few that she moved to marking with a "remove with water" marking pen.

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Karen said...

I haven't been to Renninger's in years. It is certainly an interesting place to browse. I went to the antique fair weekends a couple times that they have during the winter. Great bargains at times.