Monday, September 24, 2018


I'm not sure it is quite the same going on a Caribbean cruise when you live in Florida.
San Juan...
I mean we see water, beaches and palm trees all the time!  (and why does that sound like I am complaining...hummm)  Anyway, we spent 7 days going from Amber Cove in the DR, to St. Thomas, San Juan, and then Grand Turks.
St. Thomas
All good...not a lot of sewing or quilting but then again no cooking or cleaning!

Now back to design wall...a zipper Christmas table runner, some grey free pieced background blocks for applique and a couple of random blocks found while folding fabric! The zipper table runner is a good way to use some of the charm packs that seem to be multiplying in the fabric baskets...they are like candy in the checkout lane!

I also have Bonnie Hunter's leader and ender for this year under the needle.  I'm using a controlled scrappy fabric selection since my niece asked for a purple and orange quilt.  I was surprised just how much of those colors I had in my stash!  I now have a very large box of 4-patches and another large box of hst's.  I think it may be time to start making more blocks...


Janet O. said...

Love that shot of the colorful umbrellas over the street in San Juan.
Maybe you should have taken an Alaskan cruise for a change of scenery. :)
Good things on the design wall. Purple and orange makes a very eye-opening quilt. I made one once, and my Mom said she would never be able to fall asleep under such a quilt. LOL

Ali Honey said...

Those umbrellas look so good!

Barb said...

so fun! I love cruising anywhere any time. Love those umbrellas too!

Loris said...

I love your purples and oranges for your niece's quilt. This is going to be lovely!

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