Friday, September 14, 2018

The Quilt House needs a name...

So we moved to Florida but my quilting "stuff" didn't fit in the house my husband picked.  His solution?  A small quilt house for me to sew in...only the little house needs a name.

Well, first it needed some work...but after some cleaning, painting, tree removal...well, you got the picture.  It is now a fully operational quilt studio (and yes, I am channeling Star Wars when I type this....)

It isn't fancy but I have great light and lots of space.  I'll have indoor photos soon.  Best of all the Kola table fits, a huge work table is against one window, and I have not one but TWO design walls!  I also have one room to store quilts on large racks.  I kept the back bedroom as a bedroom so if/when quilt friends visit we have a "clubhouse" and can do sleep-overs!

It needs a name...quilt house just doesn't seem fun enough!  I want to paint a "barn block" and hang it right between the front two windows but think I should know what to call the house first?  Any ideas?


Janet O. said...

Oh, wow, how cool is this? Your own quilt retreat!!
Quilt Cottage works for me, but I am sure others will come up with something much more clever!

julieQ said...

Your quilt house is amazing!! I am not sure of what the name is...but I need to come visit, LOL!

Arrowhead Gramma said...

Perhaps you could use the name of a favorite quilt block for your studio and then do the barn block using that block for the front of your studio.

Elle said...

Scrappy Wonder
My Happy Place
Chez Create

Have fun setting up your new creative space!

cityquilter grace said...

the ultimate of sewing spaces! muse manor maybe?

Rebecca said...

"She Cave" Or "Her Cave"?

Candace said...

Sounds Like a wonderful workspace. Good for you!Since Florida is The Sunshine State, I suggest The Sunshine Studio.

O'Quilts said...

So happy for happy...Casa Mia
or such

Gypsy Quilter said...

What a fantastic idea! And you don't have to clean up when company comes for dinner!

Now a name, hmmm.

Quilt Haven
Quilt Central
Quilter's Paradise
The Little Cottage that Could
Quilt Cottage
Piece-full Retreat
House of Pieces
Piece de' Resistance (how is that said in French? LOL)
Grand Central Cottage
The House that Blocks Built

Oh, I could go on and on. But you're a clever gal. You'll think of something. Congratulations, I'm envious.

stitchinpenny said...

The Block House, or Pieces of Great

searsportquilter said...

pieceful place

AnnieO said...

How about Goldie's Studio? She seems to have full ownership of your houses :)

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Linda Smith said...

How about either
The Quilt Shack or
The Quilt Palace? depending on how grand you feel.

Judy in Michigan said...

Quilter's Paradise
Scrap Haven
Quilt Hut (but it certainly isn't a hut)
My Secret Place

So glad I found you alive and well in Florida. I knew that you had moved but when I would check your blog, it was always the same post (2017? 2016?) I assumed you gave up blogging like so many have done.

Hello again!! I shall be watching you!!! LOL and many hugs

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