Sunday, April 29, 2007

Signs of Spring

The past few days the weather has been "brilliant" - one of my favorite colloquialisms!

The village next to us has a large asparagus farm so for the last week we have had asparagus for almost every meal. My favorite way of making it is to bake it at 450 degrees F covered tightly with aluminum foil. Before baking add some some real butter with pepper and Old bay seasoning. So easy and so good. We have also had it blanched with Garlic dipping sauce, Stir Fried with sesame oil, stuffed in Chicken with artichokes, and - of course - asparagus soup.

It inspired me to dig through the quilting books and uncover one of those "someday" projects. There is a great asparagus block in Ruth McDowell's book that I am going to try and tackle in the next few weeks.

Saturday I went to the Spring Garden Fair at Highnam Court Gardens. It was a really nice event. I bought a few Iris from a plant stall, a small butter press and a beaded purse. The picture below is one of the plant beds that I really liked the colors. Unusual colors for me...I took lots of photos of it for future quilting inspriation.

I think what I really love about it is I can differentiate the red and the that may not seem like a big deal but my last episode of MS/optic neuritis left me a bit color blind. I was having problems with shadows and for once lots of food looked very unappitizing. I also couldn't tell when meat was cooked...very odd. Anyway, took some tests (reminded me of going into the army...what do you see?) and didn't see the numbers when others could. Long story short - it really freaked me out to think I may not be able to see fabric the way others could or the way I used to see it. Anyway, it seems to be getting better! I'll just stay with the brights and the red, white and blues for awhile.


anne bebbington said...

The asparagus sounds delicious :o)

Sue in western WA said...

I want to see the beaded purse!

Glad the eyes are improving.

Carol E. said...

Beautiful photos! Those flowers are gorgeous. I love Ruth McDowell's blocks. I hope to see your asparagus block soon.

Fiona said...

At least you are seeing England at it's best - believe me, the weather isn't usually like this in April. (Which is kind of worrying in its own way.)

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Best wishes for steady, continued improvement with your vision; that must be very, very scary! The flower beds are beautiful... I still have snapshot of some tulips and pansies planted together because I loved the color combination so mush and it inspired me, so, I understand. Enjoy the asparagus abundance (yum!) am eager to see the asparagus block!

Patti said...

Oh, we just love asparagas but I've never tried it any way other than steamed. Baking it sounds very intriguing - how long do you bake it? I'd like to try it.

So sorry to hear about the troubles with your eyes and glad they are getting better. I sure hope they get back to normal very soon - how awful to have your beautiful fabric looks so different to you!