Thursday, April 23, 2015

more shirt projects...

I don't really work in a series...I work in similar materials until I clean up my work area!

So I am still using shirts that I've collected over the past couple of years and only now have cut up and started using for quilts and other projects.  (I can thank Bonnie Hunter and Tonya R. for this part of my stash!)

The latest project is making some covers for sewing machines.  The first I made using a stiff was going to take up way too much space since it couldn't be folded and put away when the machine was in use.  The second one I made is too soft...doesn't stand on it's own.

This last one is "just right!"  It stands on it's own but can be stuffed into a drawer!  I used the pre-quilted fabric as the lining and than fitted a pieced cover over it.  There are pockets on the side just in case a pocket is needed (and it let me use this fun fabric!)

 This featherweight size one went to my friend Tari for her birthday this week...the two "rejects" will cover my machines until I can make new ones!

Outside the irises are in full bloom!

These photos came from my friend Paula's garden yesterday.


Sandra@Prairie Patch Quilts said...

They say the 3rd one is a charm. Glad you got one you are happy with. Looks good.

Janet O. said...

Sounds like a chapter out of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. : )
I really need to get serious about making some machine covers! Three of my machines sit out all the time, uncovered.
Beautiful Iris. Mine are just starting to bloom and it is about a month early for them.

Sue SA said...

Great idea for using up scraps. I gave my reject cover (also too soft) to my Mum to put over her overlocker! When I am using my machine I put the cover over the back of my office chair, it sits there nicely, and is easy to find again!

Tonya Ricucci said...


Teresa Rawson said...

Wow, you have iris blooming already?!? We have daffodils and snow flurries. I love your sewing machine covers using shirts and pretty fabrics!