Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Two tops finished!

This week here in Augusta Georgia everything is centered around the Masters Golf Tournament.  There is a lot of traffic, restaurants are crowed, and generally things a bit more difficult...but it is interesting!

However it also gives me reason to stay home and sew more!  First I finished the challenge block by Pat Sloan.  It is a fun block and used up a lot of my 2-1/2 inch strips!

So I made another one!  This one will be going to a Veteran in the local VA hospital.  If you have the strips cut or are using jellyrolls this is a one day project.  Bonnie Hunter fans note: I finally cut into my shirts and used them for the centers in these blocks!

I have all the blocks ready for the Twist and turn quilt...also for the VA home.  Not really sure which one was the leader and ender!  This quilt also used a lot of shirtings!

Watson is being a good quilting dog.  He stays right by me as the workman come in and out of the house.  Progress is being they put up drywall and scraped the ceiling!  Starting to look like a room!


Janet O. said...

Do the locals mostly stay holed up somewhere during the Masters?
I am very excited to see your sewing room when completed!

Chantal said...

Lovely quilts. I especially like the Twist and Turn. Love that picture of Watson. He's such a cutie.

Sharon said...

Wow, I really like your String Bean quilts! The first one is bright and happy, and the 2nd one is a great idea for a QOV.

Watson is a cutie!

I imagine Augusta is a zoo during the Masters. Yes, an excellent time to stay in and sew!

Vic in NH said...

Great looking tops! So glad that you had such high energy to play in the pretty colors!

Jill said...

I like your colorful Pat Sloan challenge. Bright and cheery. If I lived in Augusta, I would be be challenged as I love both golf and quilting. This week, I would be a golf groupie. Hope you get lots of sewing accomplished.

Diane said...

I love your use of the shirts and always enjoy a good Watson pic!

Judy Dietrich said...

Getting closer every day to a larger seeing area!! Glad Watson is smart enough to follow the one in charge.