Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Another one bites the dust...

Finished two more quilt tops for the local VA...have two more almost finished but my sewing machine died!  Duh!
Blocks made by various guild members and assembled by me
Not to worry...I have multiple backups.  I just have to wait until my husband comes home to help with the lifting!
Orphan block with 6 inch blocks
This makes me wonder if I shouldn't find a corner of the room to keep an backup machine...or a machine that I just leave the walking foot on!  I hate putting those on and off the machine but they do make sewing on binding so much easier!  It's a thought!
Daylilly from the front Garden...
Watson has finally adjusted to the room.  We had been strict about his going in the room when the workmen where here.  Seems it made an impact and for the past week or so he just could not get comfortable...I tried everything.
the view from my sewing machine...
Gave him treats...set up a bed...at the end it just took time.

He has reason to be a bit anxious today...there are workmen in the yard trying to fix drainage in our back yard and putting down pine-straw...a bit late but we had to wait until the construction was finished.

The squirrels or the moving water rearranged some of my perennials...I never planted a yellow Asiatic lilly (but I have one now!) and this daylilly above was labeled blue...hummmm.  I hope to see a blue one somewhere in the garden this summer!


Jeanne said...

Nice quilts for the VA hospital! Flowers are beautiful, too.

Tonya Ricucci said...

go go go! I love the quilt with the blue schoolhouse block - really lovely

Brenda said...

Do you only have one machine? I thought most quilters also stashed sewing machines -- I may have an extra one or four!

Janet O. said...

Good job on the VA quilts!
I sometimes set up another machine and leave it for months to be able to do quick little jobs without having to switch threads and feet on my main machine in the middle of a project. But then I get tired of it being out all the time and eventually I put it away, only to get it out again sometime down the road. You probably have enough space to leave a second machine out without it being in your way.
You have some gorgeous lilies, even though they are not what you expected. : )

Silvia Jacinto said...

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