Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pizza Box Ladies Workshops and Lecture

This past week I attended a workshop and a trunkshow with Cindy from Pizza Box Ladies out of North Carolina.

This was the project from the workshop.  Fun, no?!  She is a great instructor.  Very organized.  The kit included all the fabric and the ruler needed to make two blocks.  Generally I'm not a kit person but it did make things go much smoother and allowed the entire group to focus on techniques instead of fabrics.  Most if not all of the quilters in the room finished both blocks...that in itself is remarkable!

On Saturday Cindy presented a trunk show of quilts made from a variety of specialty templates.

There were several takeaways...(my observations...)

First, each template can make several designs...don't put the template you bought in a drawer after only one quilt!

Second, she had some interesting techniques on bringing the blocks to the border.

And third, time to break out all those border stripe fabrics that I keep buying but don't use.  She had lots of inspirational examples. She brought lots and lots of quilts...four suitcases full..and many were tops so you know there were a lot. Also they have a wide variety of styles...batiks, country, there was something for everyone.   If you are looking for a workshop or guild presentation I would recommend them!

oh yes...and there was shopping...guild members did a lot of shopping!


Judy in Michigan said...

Love the block and the quilt...very nice!! Can you send me some info on how to get her pattern? and ruler?? Does she travel to Michigan??? Thanks.

Karen said...

What an interesting quilt block. A challenging one from the looks of it.

Chantal said...

Wow! A very talented lady for sure. Love what she makes and her borders are very interesting too. Your blocks are wonderful. It looks like complicated blocks. Sounds like everyone had a lot of fun. Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing.

carol fun said...

Oh what a great workshop... I need to see if my guild could host the Pizza Box Ladies. LOVE the blocks - very cool!

Janet O. said...

Very unique block. Looks like a great workshop/lecture.
Don't usually like to do kits, either, but sometimes they serve a purpose.

Tonya Ricucci said...

love the class quilt, the big ass halloween block and the two class cogs. what a great way to have a class to focus on what you're learning and not all that other stuff (like color, contrast). looks really great.