Saturday, May 30, 2015

Woolie gathering

I went to a gathering of my friends who like to work in wool...we call ourselves the Woollie Woolies...
Rachel's little handmade journal - mixed papers, linen, and wool
it was fun seeing them and as always I come home with my head full of ideas!
Paula's silks, cottons, and wool low-volume wallhanging
We don't always just work in wool but do try to use other fibers like linen or silks in our projects.
Rose of Sharon from my side yard...bees love it!
I unfortunately didn't have anything for show and tell.  Too much folding and moving of fabric the past few months.

A few more weeks of work (mainly in the yard) and I should be in the studio!
Gardenias in bloom make the entire yard smell wonderful!


Karen said...

What is the notebook filled with?

Janet O. said...

I am impressed with that low volume piece--very pretty applique.
Oh, I can smell the gardenias now!

Sharon said...

I can see why you come home from your meeting with ideas! Lovely works. The journal is beautiful, and I love that low-volume purple wallhanging! Your flowers look beautiful! Hope you can get to sewing soon!