Sunday, June 11, 2006

Courthouse Steps

I posted this baby/crib courthouse steps a couple of weeks ago and got some requests for meaurements. My DH deleted the emails so I'm not sure exactly who it was so I am posting them here along with the photo.

All measurements are finished size. They start in the center of the quilt. The long side is A and the short side is B. After the center I only wrote out the width of the strips With all the seams it is best to measure as you go...just be careful not to allow it to get too wavey!

Center - Brown#1, 1-1/4 x 1-1/4; A - Pink,3/4 x 1-1/4; B - Brown#1, 3/4; A -Pink, 3/4; B - Brown#1, 3/4; A - Pink 3/4; B - Brown#1, 3/4 (this should be a center brown block with three pink and three brown steps.)
A - Shirting#1, 3/4; B - Brown#2, 3/4; A - Shirting#2, 3/4, B - Brown#3, 1; A - Shirt#3, 1-1/4; B - Tan, 1-3/4; A - Shirt#4, 1-1/4; B - Red#1, 1-1/2; A - Shirt#5, 1-1/4; B - Tan#2, 1-1/2; A - Red#1, 1-1/4; B - Dark Stripe, 1-1/2; A - Shirt#5, 1-1/4; B - Tan#3, 1-1/4; A - Blue Stripe, 1-1/4; B - red#2, 1-5/8; A - Shirt#6, 1-1/4; B - Dark Stripe2, 1-1/2, (NOTE here the B side repeats) B - Tan2, 1-1/2; A - Light stripe, 1; B - Dark stripe 1-1/4; (repeat again) B - Green, 1-1/4; Border Tone on tone beige 2-1/2 inches on each side.

The backing is a brown and green homespun. The binding is just back to front with the homespun. It finishes about 44-1/2 by 35. (several of the strips are pieced...particularly the shirtings.)

Looking at what I've typed it reads more like a crochet pattern! Good luck.


Judy said...

It's a beautiful old piece. Thanks so much for the sizes. I've always loved courthouse steps patterns!

Tonya R said...

deleted your emails??? time for your own account, goshdarnit.

Karen said...

It's so pretty. Thank you for the measurements. Did you find that in Georgia? Karen

YankeeQuilter said...

This quilt came from North of Balimore almost to the Pennsylvania line.