Friday, June 02, 2006

Thanks for all the reading reccomendations. A few of the authors I've already run through (Brown, Michael Connelly, Austin and Kingsolver!) When I find an author I like I tend to just load up on all their books. That ends up leaving me on hold until they write more! A neighbor just gave me copy of the latest Laurie King "Mary Russell Mystery." I have a real soft spot for historical mysteries. Also for the Jane Austin fans, the Jane Austin Bookclub (which I've already loaned out so I can't remember the name...) is excellant. It has some of the best character development I've read in a long time. It does help if you've read a bit of Austin, but she gives you enough to keep pace if you haven't read them or are just Austin-rusty. In honor of Austin I give you this 1850-ish turkey-red signature block purchased in Annapolis Maryland. The quote reads, "May you be happy."

I am getting happier about moving...not so much about moving - but excited to think the move will be over in the forseeable future and England will be exciting. We went to an Irish Pub the other night with friends and had Shepard's Pie, Bubble and Squeek, and Fish and Chips. (Can you believe this Irish Pub hasn't gotten their liquor license yet! At least the food was good!) It did occur to me that maybe I should be getting my last taste of American or Tex Mex before heading out instead of getting the American version of what we think we will get over there? Guess the next night out will be somewhere else!!!


Tonya R said...

I love that "May you be happy." That's incredibly sweet.

Oh yes, load up on Mexican food - even if you find a Mexican restaurant in England that you like, it still doesn't taste quite the same.

anne bebbington said...

And they are few and far between, although there used to be a good one in Cheltenham which my be close to where you will be - love the block - you can just imagine someone stitching away by candlelight - gosh their eyesight must have been terrible

Dawn said...

Oh that is a great block! I love it! I'm glad then end is getting closer - even if it is still a long ways away!