Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More than you'd ever want to know...

The photo on the left is of me and a few of the folks in my guild in front of the donation quilt we raffled off last year to support Camp Rainbow. I am the one with the white pants second from the left. The quilt is from Barbara Brackman's Prairie Flowers. I made the purple flower block second down on the right and pieced the baskets in the corners.

I took the ABC tag from Anne at QuiltingBebbs...here goes.

Accent: Not much of one. Originally had a Boston accent, but several years of traveling and broadcasting classes pretty much broke me of it.
Booze: OK, with that I have an accent! I have no alcohol tolerance anymore so one glass of wine or a good beer and I'm done. Two drinks and I'm asleep!
Chore I hate: Vacuming. The dust makes my eyes swell shut and my nose whistle.
Dog/Cat: One Scottish Terrier named Macbeth and two cats, Goldie and Brownie.
Essential Electronics: Obviously the computer and digital camera. Beyond that I need my heavy duty mixer...can't bake without it.
Favorite perfume: Beautiful
Gold/Silver: When I had my colors done the man told me I always had to wear gold (I'm an autumn.) However I love southwestern silver and tourquise and continue to wear lots of it.
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts.
Insomnia: All the time. I have MS which sometimes requires me to take lots of muscle relaxants for the spasms...the relaxants make me groggy so I take a stimulant which can keep me up at night. If I don't take the relaxants my legs can be kicking at night and keep my DH up too. I usually read for awhile and/or drink warm mild with lots of honey!
Job Title: Ouch...as of last Friday, unemployed. Once the move is finished I am going to take a crack at writing full time again. (I am surpressing this need to list my entire CV to show I am not a slug...I've had important jobs...corner offices...secretaries...being unemployed, even by choice, is very scarey!)
Kids: Three stepsons and four step-grandkids. (my husband is a lot older than me!)
Living Arrangement: Boxes. We are two weeks away from moving.
Most admirable trait: Uhmmm, I used to be organized...now, I'd say generous.
Number or Countries: Join the Army see the world (or was that Navy?!) Anyway between my years in the Army and in business I've traveled a lot.
Overnight Hospital Stays: Join the Army see the inside of a hospital room...not a great recruiting slogan aye! Let's just say I've had parts broken, parts removed and a few metal parts added. I even got to liking red jello.
Phobias: Heights and water. Each allone I am fine - for example I can jump out of a perfectly good airplane, but say standing at the edge of a bridge and looking down at the water. Not good.
Quote: "Your can lead a whore to water but you cannot make her think." Dorothy Parker
Religion: Boston Irish Catholic (we feel slightly more guilty than any other Catholic)
Siblings: Youngest of seven.
Time I usually awake: See J above...anyway, I am still getting up around 7:00.
Unusual talent: Not that I can think of.... I am sort of a math geek.
Veggies I hate to eat: Raw tomatoes. Even just slightly cooked and I'm OK. My sister eats them right out of the garden like an apple...yuck!
Worst habit: overcommit...this has gotten worse since the MS. I just can't do as much as I used to and my mind hasn't quite trained my mouth to say NO/sorry/not going to happen. Yesterday my DH rattled off a long list that included touching up paint on the cabinets, rolling up carpets, and picking up 5-gallons of desk stain...I asked him what woman did he think he was living with? I guess my mouth-brain connection is getting better!
Yummy Food: I love little tiny fancy desserts like eclairs, cannollis, cream puffs, and chocolate dipped strawberries. My mom's sister used to bring big boxes of them to family gatherings from Montillio's Bakery. They would carefully put them on fancy china dishes and to a small child it was heavan. My Aunt would take the first one off the tray and give it to me saying if the tray was full no-one would take one.
Zodiac: Gemini...and boy does it fit!


JudyL said...

The quilt is beautiful, as are your buddies!

Loved reading your ABC's. I always learn so much about my friends when I read these memes.

Judy L.

anne bebbington said...

Siobhan - lovely to put a face to a name especially as we will soon be neighbours - oh okay Taunton to the Cotswolds might be an hour or two driving distance but hey that's a whole lot nearer than your neighbours stateside will be :o) Lovely quilt - a real treasure to whoever won it - fun reading your ABC - kept having to refer back to mine as I couldn't remember what I'd put - these thigs often have answers to questions people would like to ask but feel its impolite :o)

anne bebbington said...

P.S. why do husbands think we're superwoman? mine often leaves me a list - fortunately he doesn't get too shirty if I don't accomplish all of it and it usually proves a useful tool as I can seldom see what needs doing right in front of my nose - but it incenses DD1 as she thinks he's ordering me about - boy is any future SIL going to have his hands full with her - bless! As for over-committment a friend of mine had ME for a some years and always swore by her own rule of: if something occurred to her to do under the category of 'I'll just do this one last thing' she always stopped short of it as she found through painful experience that it was usually that one thing which was the proverbial last straw. I found the same motto very useful when spending 5 months slowly recuperating from pancreatitis three years ago.

Tonya R said...

Accent does tend to reappear in fabric stores: a yahd of fabric. And after you've visited your family. And when you're tired... Hmmm, maybe you haven't lost as much of it as you think!! Then again, I never heard you speak when it was STRONG.

You're not unemployed, darnit. You're in the process of moving - you got lots of jobs.

Dawn said...

What a fun picture of you and your quilting buddies! (And the quilt of course!) I always have fun stopping by your blog!

ForestJane said...

Did you and all your friends wear blue shirts on purpose for that picture? :)

The quilt is lovely - I always admire applique.

The Calico Cat said...

So nice to "meet" you. (We both like Beautiful & both had a stint in the Army.) Who knew?