Friday, June 09, 2006

Last day of work

I barely slept last night. Today is my last day (very, absolute, not even for a few hours) of work and I had lots of those "go into a classroom only to find it is a major exam and I'm not ready" dreams. I hate those!
I like my job. The folks I work with are interesting and my boss very understanding of my need for flexible hours. It is just working with MS can be challenging and when combned with moving...ughhh. Add that to not having an operable AC system in my building and then facing summer in the American South again and I just get depressed! It will be in the high 90's today...that is just plain miserable hot. Picture sweat running off of your fingers while you try to type...Projector bulbs exploding...students passing out...Fortunately they have scheduled a luncheon today which will take up several hours and the rest of the day is mainly cleaning out the office and saying goodbyes.
Moving and packing I've decided is a full time job. Next week there is something that needs to be done every single day. I had hidden hopes of being able to sneak in a quiet day of fabric fondling but it doesn't look to be in my future. We are going to one of my favorite art studios tonight however to see a local potter's new exibit. They gave me a pretty generous bonus check for staying on the job a month longer than I had planned and this potter makes some great animal pots. (Last time I asked him if he ever did cats and he said he'd consider it....)
The quilt in the photos is another of antique ones from Maryland. It is crib size and has some amazing hand quilting. I can see why some folks only collect crib-size. It is so much easier to handle and store!


Dawn said...

WOW - isn't that a sweet baby quilt. Can you imagine even making one like that now! I so would love to collect crib and doll quilts! But I hate to start, because if I start I might not end!!!! Hope your day is ok being your last one at work, I'm sure it is a bitter-sweet feeling.

Laura said...

Goodbyes are always hard but now you will be able to relax a little before the big move. Please do tell all about your visit to the potter tonight. I am anxious to see what you get!

ForestJane said...

Hope your last day went well!

I'm sure you'll enjoy the chance to work less and maybe get some more 'fabric fondling' in... :)

That is some pretty quilting in that baby quilt too.

Tonya R said...

Hurray, hurray, hurray! I would say now you can finally relax a bit, but I know better. At least you have a/c at home.