Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Finally Pack-out!

I'm not sure how much I will be able to post over the next two weeks. Tomorrow they come and pack us out which means the main computer will be disassembled and intansit. My laptop is OK but I haven't used it on the internet in years. Even worse...I'll be using dial-up! I'm hoping the business center at the hotel has access to something a bit faster but I'm not holding my breath!

Some of my quilting buddies come over today for lunch. I made a cheese quiche and a tomato pie. Basiclly I used up all the leftover cheeses in the fridge! We also had fruit salad and toffee bars (just to keep us from thinking too healthy!) They helped me clear out some of the cabinets...I'm amazed at how many bags of chocolate bits I had!!! Mint chololate, peanutbutter and chocolate, milk chocolate, semi-sweet, white (ok...not real chocolate!) and even crunched up heath-bars! You would think I made cookies every day! Anyway, they all went to new homes...I think I'm saved from gaining at least 5 pounds!

The purse in the photo was a going away gift from my friend Rachel. She does great felted purses. These are definately my colors.

The quilt at the left is my first quilt. I made it in the mid 70's as a school project. I only had the Margaret Ickles book to go by which has drawings of blocks but limited info on how to put them together! There was no warning about polyester batting, about using a sheet for the backing, about using Kettle cloth, nor about how difficult curves can be...ignorance is bliss. This quilt has been dragged to concerts, picnics, and campouts all around the world. I don't think anything would kill it (believe me I've tried!)

The packers are here and once again are afraid of dogs! At least this group is nice about it. Poor Macbeth is locked in the back bathroom very confused. My DH is picking up my sewing machine...did I tell you it decided to start making crunching noised on Friday night! The folks at Jeff's Sewing and Vac are so great! I stumbled in there on Saturday morning with my sob story about needing to pack out this was ready by Wednesday morning just as promised! My DH even offered to pick it up!

Anyway, I'll be back on blog as soon as the tecnical difficulties are worked out. Thanks for all you support through this!!


anne bebbington said...

Siobhan - If you can get to read this I wish you all the very best in the move and look forward to hearing from you as soon as you can get back to some sort of normality - lovely purse :o)

Patti said...

Best of luck with your move. We'll be looking forward to you getting back online. Where are you moving to? I'm sure you've told us, but I've forgotten.

Katie said...

Wishing you a good move with no loss or breakage. :)

Lois R. said...

Good luck with the move! It always is an anxious time -- and to maybe not have blogging to calm you down! Uh oh! I hope the laptop/dialup situation works out.

Love your first quilt. Glad you posted it.

Good luck!

Tonya R said...

One BIG item off your to-do list. Soon you'll be in the hotel room with maid service and eating out. Personally, I LOVE that. Hurrah for Jeff's getting your sewing machine all fixed up for the move - they are the sweetest.

Finn said...

Hoping the pack out and journey goes smoothly Sio, will look for you when we see you! Have a safe trip, Hugs, Finn

Judy said...

Good luck with the move!! Hope it will all be done as soon as possible and you can get settled and working again!