Saturday, June 10, 2006

Pots and quilts

My DH and I decided I should use today to decompress so no schedule. So what happens - we go to lunch at my favorite Indian restaurant and who is there but 3 folks I used to work with! It was like my goodbye luncheon all over again!

I did go to the pottery talk on Friday. Unfortunately I was a bit late and most of the items brought by my favorite were already gone! He did make a cat riding a fish for me but a woman bought it from the gallery owner as he was unpacking his van! I ended up buying the green vase in the photo. The color is much more vibrant than the photo looks. I am also posting a photo of my one piece of Dorchester potter because the green vase is in the background and the color is much truer. If he doesn't make a cat before I go then it just isn't ment to be...

My DH finally consented to hold up a few quilts for me to photograph. (my apologies for the kitty butt!) This quilt is from Pennsylvania. Yellow and red quilts are typical of that area. There are about 15 different red calicos. The quilting is simple but good and it has a very plain muslin backing. As I'm packing up my quilts I'm noticing I went through a serious "red period." Maybe I was thinking Christmas?! It is my favorite holiday. I just never thought of red as my favorite color...I must be drawn to it though.

It is well over 90 degrees today so I think I am just going to go hide in my airconditioned sewing room for awhile. Who knows I may finally make enough Tonya letters to finish a sentence!


anne bebbington said...

What's that saying - never work with children or animals! - obviously not his best side - quilt's lovely though :o)

Lois R. said...

oooh! pretty quilt! Do you know what part of PA the quilt is from? And I love the green vase.

Cute kitty butt -- looks like one I have at home!

Tonya R said...

Hmm, I gotta think he's going to make more cat pottery with them selling like that. Sorry you didn't get your hands on that one tho - sounds fun.

Beautiful green vase. Quilt is gorgeous. Of course you love red - striking and vibrant. You used to have a wall painted red, right? Made all teh quilts look great I bet.

Keep making those letters, but only after naps and reading lazily on the couch. Assuming you still have one.

ForestJane said...

Ohh, that is a nice shade of green. And I love the shape of it.

A lot of my pictures turn out to be kitty butt pix... they're learning to turn away from the camera before they get the flash in their eyes, I think!

Dawn said...

Oh I love this yellow and red one! I love that block, I"ve make a couple of quilts with that block in them because I like it so much!

Laura said...

Love the green vase!

And is that kitty sweet, mooning all of us. Ha ha