Saturday, June 03, 2006

Post 60!!

I am writing my 60th post...I can't believe I've hung in there this long! My DH is starting to refer to it as an addiction!

Well I took Tonya's advise and we went and picked up a new Lazyboy recliner for DH. I didn't have a choice really...he saw her email saying they were scarce outside the US. I was in the middle of a presentation to a conference room with about 20 people when DH sticks his head in the door. I give him a hard-what-are-you-doing- stare. 15 minutes later I go to my office and there is a note telling me to meet him at the LazyBoy store at 5:00. (he only saw the email the day before..he was serious!) I get to the store and there he is sitting in the biggest ugliest recliner in the store (and that my friends is saying something!.) I thought he was kidding. He wasn't. "Try it," he begs. I get in. I shift the chair back...back again...and then yet further back. I felt a bit like Edith Ann from Laugh-in. This chair was as big as our love seat! "I feel a little lost," I said, "could we try others?" So off my husband runs in search of anther chair. I try and get up. Nothing happens. I'm flapping my body like a fish on the pier. That chair isn't moving an inch. I'm afraid of what would happen if I try an climb out while it is reclined all the way back. Do I wait there? Call for help? Take a nap? Finally I roll over so I can reach the wooden handle that helps move the chair and almost gracefully slide to the floor on my knees all the while trying to make it look like I'm just inspecting the fabric.

In the end he got slightly smaller chair which is slightly more attractive. He and the cats got to use it last night watching the basketball games. I took several photos of the chair but it is even uglier in the photos...instead you get one of brownie sitting on the give-away pile of craft stuff going to the next quilt bee!

We are headed down to Charleston for an overnight and then to drop my DH's car off at the port. Are we taking a sensible auto with my beloved Hyundi Tuscon? No. We are taking a bright blue Mazda Miata that doesn't even fit my husband's full set of golf clubs in the trunk. I lost on the car controversy but settled for final say on the apartment/house/flat rental. I am looking forward to stopping at a few quilt stores on our way down to the coast. I have a favorite in Summerville, SC called People Place and Quilts. She carries everything from repro's to Kaffe Fassett. The samples on the walls are really fun and original. They also have a store in Charleston.

After the car drop off we will visit with his son and grandkids in Savannah and then head back home. His son is coming back with us and will haul a rental-truck full of stuff back with him. He is taking the huge couches (my DH likes biggggg furniture), some tables, bookcases, and dishes. He just recently bought a house so this trip should fill it up!

I'm also bringing down lots of daylillies. The photo on the left is how some of them looked this morning. Last year I divided them up and have a dozen pots filled with "baby" lillies. SS's house doesn't have any flowers around it yet so I'm bringing everythig from the potting bed. It also saves me trying to get them all planted at our house before I leave!

Not too much in the way of quilting stuff to write about. Very sad. I am packing some to bring with me on the road trip though...


ForestJane said...

Very pretty flowers! I love bulbs and things that don't take much maintenance, and come back every summer!

anne bebbington said...

Don't cats just know the comfiest place to be?

Tonya R said...

Give some loving to my sweetie Brownie for me.

Oops, didn't mean to cause probs, but I bet your DH will be happy to have his recliner. I want to try and get us a new one in between our postings.

Have to admit I'm addicted to blogs. Gotta login and see what's up right after I've woken up in the mornings or I feel cranky.

I'm not even going to start wailing bout your (his) taking the stupid car over there. I'll just scream silently over here to myself.

Enjoy the quilt shops!

Fiona said...

Lovely lilies - hope you find some interesting fabric on your way.

Lois R. said...

Your daylilies are so pretty. After you mentioned them on my post about Dahlias, I'm so glad to see your daylilies and to hear that you're sharing your "babies" with others before moving on. Plants were made to be shared.