Saturday, July 25, 2009

Itchy fingers....

I have been on a finishing spree the past month and it is starting to wear on me! Last night as I pushed another quilt through the machine attaching yet another binding my eyes kept drifting over to the fabric shelves....uhmmmmmm.
I know this is totally rationalizing bad what! This morning I let myself have some time to pull fabric for a small applique project. I bought this pattern a few weeks ago (I never pass up a fabric or pattern with a Scottie dog on it - my DH says it is a sickness...) The pattern is called Grandma's Kitchen by Lori Holt. Some other quilters in my guild are also making it so it is sort of a group thing.

This is the fabric I will be using...a break from the repros I've been playing with the past few projects. I'll be using a lot more red in the quilt than the purple shown onthe pattern. I've kitted up three of the blocks today so they will be handy for me to start next month. So, got the playing with fabric out of my system and I can go back to finishing the projects I promised for the show.

My Dh and I went to the farmers market this morning. I had a real craving for peaches and the ones at the market always seem better than those from the store shelves. Just the smell of them is gorgeous. Tonight I will grill some with the yogurt chicken kababs and maybe make a cobbler using the last of my blueberries with the peaches.Mac met a little femal scottie at the market. She didn't know quite what to make of him! His tail was moving so fast it blurrs in the photo!


Dayna said...

I have the same sickness...If it has a scottie on it then it comes home with me. Just ordered 12 yards this week!


way to cute. looks like a fun project!

cockermom said...

It IS a sickness, isn't it? With me, it is Cocker Spaniels, anything with these little darlings that falls within my eyeshot always finds its way home. My DH sees that look and goes for his wallet..everytime! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks! (Sorry for the

Loris said...

Cute quilt project and how nice to do it along with others.
The Scottie photos however are adorable! What a sweet photo!

*karendianne. said...

What a great pattern - fun. I luv the fact they even have scottie dogs on fabric. I enjoyed reading about you kitting up some fabric for next month, too. It does feel good to do that. Enjoy the peaches.

...what a fun photo of Mac at his "meet ~n~ greet." Blurred tail says it all. You're right!

quiltmom said...

Love the picture of Mac wagging his tail at the female scottie- Dusty has a stubby tail and it wags continually when she meets new people.
I collect star fabric and sunflowers - I hit the jackpot when I was home visiting my folks this past week and found and absolutely splendid piece - The sunflowers are big so I will probably fussy cut them and then do something very simple with them.

Hope all is well in Georgia.
Warmest regards,

Sharon said...

What a cute pattern - that looks like fun! And more fun to do it with a group.

Mac is so adorable! I love scotties, but never have owned any.

sewkalico said...

Ah, that fabric playing thing - yes, it's a must every now and again!! You deserved it!