Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Brownies (as in the bar cookies not the cat) went off to work with my Dh today so my Valentine's Day duties are done. I can get back to sewing with a light heart....

I am working on a Russian Sunflower block and using freezer paper templates.
First time I've tried this technique and I am on the fence about it. (the extra seam allowance on the top and bottom seam was on purpose...) I do like how sharp the points are but it seems fiddly. Of course it is a fiddly block so maybe it would feel like that no matter what technique I used. Anyone out there ever make this block? Any suggestions?

(The block I'm making is similar to the one in the photo a the top of this post that I pulled from a Google search. The one I am making has a much smaller center circle.)


Janet O. said...

The photo of the work in progress wouldn't enlarge, so I couldn't get a good enough look to be sure, but it looks like you are doing the perforated paper piecing technique where you do not sew through the pieces, but fold and stitch along the edge of them. I have made two mariner's compass blocks using that method (did a tutorial on my blog months ago). To me it is the only way to go to get such exacting points. I don't like the foundation piecing method and having to take tiny stitches and then tear off the papers, and flying freehand would never cut it for me.. This seems fiddly the first time through, but, IMHO, the second one was a breeze! : )

Dawn said...

Sometimes hand piecing is faster then one might think. With all the prep work with some techniques - the block would be finished by hand - IMHO.
But, I also say whatever works for you!
BTW - love that red paisley you chose for your block.

Karen said...

I like make the sunflower blocks. Yours looks good.

Loris said...

I love this block! Can't wait to see yours finished. If I were making it...which I hope to do someday...I would hand piece it.
Would you share the info of where you found the pattern for it?
It is sure looking wonderful with that red paisley!

*karendianne. said...

Happy Valentine's Day my friend. I'm not sure if this is helpful, friend. I think you already know this but I hand piece so stop here if that's not useful. I've made 4 of these. There's a method to this one for me anyway. Diamonds and inner-triangles first. That's a continuous stitch. Less fiddly that way. I make that as a "snake" then set in the out tri's. One big snake. Then attach to center. Hope this helps. You're fabrics are beautiful!!!