Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Blocks in the piles...

Let me just say it is amazing what I find when I do these sewing studio digouts...one of my husband's shirts that needed a button (about two years ago!), novels I planned to share with quilting buddies, and blocks - lots and lots of blocks.

I always loved finding antique or vintage orphan blocks but felt sort of bad for the quilter wondering why the block didn't make it to a finished quilt.  Reasons like it was a test block, she/he made too many, it was the wrong color were some reason tossed around but "the block was lost in the fabric piles" now needs to join the list!

Now I hate when this happens...these blocks have been separated from the magazine with the pattern in it!  The quilt was on the cover.  It is about 3 years ago?  Anyone recognize it?  I have a bout a dozen more of the center uneven churn-dash and would like to finish the quilt.

Also have over 60 civil war repro-blocks!  Most of these were from Barbara Brackman's block of the week.  These will finish at 8-inches.  Need to take these to a retreat and just finish!
I did take a moment out of the moving to finish something...the little pillowcase above!  All it took was one more seam.  This was tucked into a box with another project.  I must have been working on them both at the same time...now this pillowcase can go to some child like it was intended!

I am still moving and folding fabric to clear the sewing room.  Making decent progress.

Repro pieces less than a yard are going into the dresser in the guest room...almost out of space there too!

Have moved two bookcases and a storage cabinet out of the room too...the rest of the house will be crowded for awhile!


Marlene said...

I remember seeing this quilt on Jo's Country Junction website. She says that it is called Odds and Ends from American Patchwork & Quilting June 2010. I hope this helps.

Gayle said...

To make more of the churn dash star blocks, just do the math - don't really need the magazine unless you want ideas for sewing the blocks together. I sure like the scrapiness of this project! Clearing out can be fun when you find treasures like this! LOL

Janet O. said...

Wish I could find such wonderful treasures in my sewing room. I know there are a few, but nothing I don't know is there. My room isn't that big. : )
Love those stars. That will be a great quilt. And all those Barbara Brackman blocks are ready and waiting? Cool!

The Civil War Quilter said...

Love all your orphan blocks! Wish I was a bug on the wall observing your sewing room clean out project. That would be very entertaining!

Tonya Ricucci said...

the churn dash blocks are really cute. interesting that you find orphan blocks sad. I see them as really fun b/c great quilts can be made out of them. guess cuz I started out that way, just making blocks, never intending to make whole quilts.

Megan Rasila said...

I've been reading your blog for a few years but haven't commented before, currently catching up on the last few months of posts. Congratulations on your new sewing space! I remember buying that magazine for the pattern and have never gotten around to making it. If you haven't unearthed your copy and would like, I can scan the pattern and email it to you.