Saturday, May 20, 2006

Rent vs. Sell

Well if my quilt room looks bad to quilters you can imagine the face on our Real Estate Agent when she got a look at it! I had wanted to wait a few more weeks but since this is the hight of moving season (and my DH was getting Antsy) I just swallowed my pride and had her come over.

It was a good meeting. My DH and I decided to rent the house out for lots of reasons...mainly because it gives me a sense of security to know we have someplace to come back to if something happens. Getting sick has made me such a wimp!!! Besides real estate in our area is a good investment and we are on a good piece of property (no on can build in back of us.) Also it is very story and an open floor plan.

The trouble is about every other day my DH changes his mind. Yesterday it was rent, definatly drives me crazy! I have a Masters in Finance, his degree is in History. I've done the numbers over and over again. Have I mentioned he is driving me cazy!! So I end up having to pull the just makes me feel better card to end the conversation.

Moving is soooo much work. I know I keep whining about it...slap me...I need to stop! Anyway, three more bags of bad clothes and high heeled sandels (what was I thinking!!) The more room for fabric!

The quilt top is a Grandmother's Flower Garden from the 1930's. I really like how the maker fussy cut the stripes. It is in perfect condition except it wasn't finished...I have to add 6 hexagons to one side before I quilt it! Think I will do this one by hand.


Finn said...

That's really a neat one, glad you will be hand quilting it..*VBS*

Tonya Ricucci said...

So sorry about all the moving stress. and the hubby stress - ignore him when possible. You'll get through this and it will all have been worthwhile.

Sarah said...

great quilt! I love this pattern but have not been brave enough to attempt to piece one!

We have moved a lot. We ended up renting out our house in Indiana for one year and then came back the next summer and sold it. The renter took excellent care of it but was a pain to deal with.

Hope your packing is going well!


ForestJane said...

Ohh, looks like the maker of that quilt would have enjoyed the stack and whack quilts too. :)

Hope your move goes smoothly!

Cher said...

great quilt- I think it will be fun for you to finish and enjoy using. Moving, packing, making those decisions..plenty of stress.
do what you can to feel better!

Judy said...

I agree that moving is something we just do and survive. Hope the stress comes down a bit for ya. Just nod at hubby and ignore him.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh I feel for you. I"ve only made one major move in my life, when my husband and I moved from our apartment to our house we built, and I swear I will NEVER move again. I guess it didn't help that he told me that we had to move out tomorrow and I was 9 months pregnant and the baby's room wasn't done! :)

Anonymous said...

What a find! I'm making a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt by hand myself. I'm going to hand quilt it too, if I ever finish.

Lois R. said...

I feel your pain. Our house has been on the market for only one week, and already I'm going crazy with stress! Remind hubby just how stressful it is to try to sell a house (keeping it clean and tidy all the time) and hoping that somebody loves it just as much as you do.