Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I know I am soooo late on this...remember my computer was down for about a month. I was told/tagged to write 6 wierd things about myself...Anyway, here goes:
1. If I enter a store and it has a Scotty Dog on anything I will buy it. I have a room full of scotty dog "stuff." I however only have one real scotty - Macbeth. The room (and the dog) drives my husband a bit crazy.
2. I have watched the PBS series "I Claudius" every year for the past ten years...sometimes twice.
3. I'm a recovering adrenaline fast cars, wild amusement park rides, and slightly crazy horses. I am fine with hights and ok in the water but am scared to death of hights (over 40 feet) and water.
4. I can spend hours in an office supply store looking at paper and pencils.
5. I love food...not just to eat it (though I do my share of that) but to talk about it, read about it, and anticipate it. If you ask me about a place I've visited I will always start with the food. When my DH and I were looking at places to retire that was one of my top 3 requirments only it wasn't one that the web site we were using reviewed...I was soooo dissapointed! (And yes I spend too much time watching the food network!)
6. In the two years since I was diagnose with MS I've temporarily lost my sight, my abilty to walk, my sense of taste and smell (medication related), and the ability to speak clearly...all of these came back eventually and didn't happen at the same time. If I had the option to lose one of them permanently and then not have problems with the other (a Sophie's Choice) I would choose to lose the use of my legs.
7. (becuase the last one was too serious....) I am terriable at following rules that don't make sense. Sometimes that spills into my ability to spell!

ps...the photo is of one of my "lost" quilt tops (read lost to mean tucked way in the back of my closet.) I was playing with stripes and didn't quite get it the way I wanted. I may just put some borders on it and give it to Linus.


dot said...

There is a child out there who will love this quilt. I like it myself. Very bright and lively.

Tonya Ricucci said...

Really fun and bright. I instantly loved it. Will make a great Linus quilt tho if you decide not to keep it.

Ann said...

WOW, I instantly loved this quilt, too! I've really been drawn to very bright quilts lately. Started with one I did for my daughter 3 years ago and hasn't quit yet!

Finn said...

Really good weirds, YQ ! It's nice to have and to be aware of our kookies, I think. The "lost" quilt is a neat one..I see lots of possibilites for that technique.

And the word "lost" brings up interesting musings also. I've been sitting here, waiting for a page to load, and wondering what you'd get if you typed "home" or "lost" into a search engine..think I'll try that sometime..*G*

Laurie Ann said...

I've never seen the special, but "I Cladius" is one of my favorite books!!

Quiltgranny said...

Love the weirds! And your lost quilt can be reclaimed at MY house. I love love love it!

Quilts And Pieces said...

I love the block 2nd from the bottom row, 2nd from the left! This is a fun quilt!

Judy said...

I too LOVE this quilt! I say do a great wacky border and then hang it up some where to give yourself a big smile every time you see it. It would look great in a bright sewing room!