Sunday, May 14, 2006

Where does it all come from...

Today was yet another sort and pack sounds like everyday is for me but to be honest I only have about 2 hours of really good physical work a day in me. Not that what I packed to day could be called heavy was my miniature/dollhouse "stuff." In the end there is more packing materials in the box than anything else! I also cleared out one closet. So one more bag goes to Goodwill, I added more to the Quilters free for all pile, and now have space to seperate items for the "fast" shipment, things to go into storage are getting red tape, things for my stepson have blue dots on them, and the rest just goes! It sounds more organized than it really is!
I am taking lots of photos though. Over the next few days I'll post some of the antique quilts that are being aired out and will be refolded next weekend. I had to order fresh acid free paper today on the internet along with a few more boxes. Anyways, it gives me a chance to enjoy them for a few days. Since I seem to be on a Log Cabin streak here I am posting a top a bought in Gettysburg about 10 years ago. I originally bought it to use some of the fabric to repair another quilt but the top is in perfect condition and at the same flea market I found a box of old fabric that had the exact match to the damaged quilt. So now this quiltop is used under the Christmas tree! The pink, red, and yellow takes some getting used was very popular in Pennsylvania around 1900. It has grown on me!

Goldie, my cat, is great about keeping me company whenever I am working with my quilts...I guess today was too much for her!


Tonya R said...

Oooh, thank you for showing this quilt - right down my color alley right now. Marvelous. Great pic of Goldie too - you've worn her out.

I feel for you. Packing is horrible. You'll get through it tho - it just feels endless right now.

Finn said...

Really great quilt, thanks for sharing it and Goldie..*VBS*

ForestJane said...

I think you kept somebody up too late last night... :)

She sure has found a great place to take a nap, though!

I love the first quilt picture you have there, just beautiful.