Sunday, May 14, 2006

Taking a break

I really did overdo it yesterday. Last week my doctor started me on some new meds to help with concentration. Other than an upset tummy they are working great...a little too great. As she told me once before when I complained after working a 12 hours day, "these pills gives you energy not common sense." She is tough!

An unexpected bonus this time however - my eyesight has cleared up! The past year my eyes have been as wonky as one of Tonya's houses! They can't give me glasses because my vision changes almost daily! Instead I bought a dozen reading glasses of varying streaghths (a co-worker thought it was a vain fashion statement! me fashion?!) Last night I picked up some applique to work on while wathcing TV and it hit me...I could see the stiches - and no, it is not because I take really big stitches! What a treat!

My DH surprised me with a new Star Trek Time Travel collection. What a great concept! It has episodes from all but the last series with the common thread being time. The episodes were voted on by fans. We watched one last night...I forgot how obvious the makeup on Spok's ear's was!! It was fun all the same.

Anyway, this morning I finally finished reading Alias Grace, by Margaret Atwood. She is one of my favorite writers and I had been holding off on reading it so I would have something to look forward to. I like having 2-3 books "on reserve." These are books are pretty sure I will like so I hold them for times I really need a good escape. There are references to quilting and quiltblocks in the book though not as a central themes. It is not my favorite Atwood but I would still recommend it.

Well guess I should go back to the boxes soon...I wish I knew a quilter in England (where we are moving) so I could make better decisions on what/how much of my quilting room to bring. Each time I put something aside to either go into storage or to leave behind I have these tiny (or not so tiny) panic attacks! I emailed a store in the town I will be living but didn't get a response. I checked the internet for a guild but didn't see one anywhere close. Any suggestions?

ps. The quilt in the photo is a very rustic princess feather made in western Maryland. I bought it about 12 years ago at a flea market. It reminds me of the Red Wagon designs! It is heavily quilted and very soft.


aikentoquilt said...


When I went to England last year, I used this website as a starting point.
I emailed the shops listed, which led me to more shops.
I even managed to squeeze in a couple quilt shows at a couple museums...
Have fun.

Finn said...

So glad to hear your eyes are co-operaint..hope it will stay like that for you. Since I'm visually challenged I feel your pain.

Hard to be a quilter who doesn't see well anymore. Love the Princess Feather..*VBS*

Tonya Ricucci said...

Another gorgeous quilt from the collection.

You idiot, what are you doing working 12 hr days?!!! Stop that at once.

Woohoo for new meds. That's fabulous news about your eyesight. Too bad the brain is only partially working!!!!

Unknown said...

Siobhan - I'm an english quilter living in the uk - maybe I can help you with any queries with my local knowledge - where are you moving to in the UK

Quilts And Pieces said...

I am always so in love with your antique quilts! This princess feather quilt is no exception! It is wonderful!

The Calico Cat said...

Where in England are you moving? I have quilty English friends, maybe I can pass on your questions...