Thursday, May 04, 2006

Reverse Quilting

Sometimes projects are put aside for the tinest reason. I made this quilt as part of a class in Maryland that used Mimi Dietrich's book on Smithsonian quilts. I think it was in 1997! I pinned the quilt to a few years later (after getting married and moving...) then started quilting. Quickly I learned to hate the batting I was using so I rolled the entire thing into a ball, stuffed it into a pillowcase with a mental note that I needed to "reverse quilt" and change out the batting. Ya, right...picking out quilting stiches is right up there with root canals! However this week I've looked long and hard at this project and decided I'm going to do it. Anyone with any hints or suggestions on easy ways to do this please feel free to post!
Most of what I find in the back of the closet has a similar story. This crayola colored quilt ended up on an upper closet shelf when I got halfway through and realized the directions had the seam allowance for one block and not for the me that causes all sorts of headaches and wins the quilt in progress a spot in the back of the closet. Not sure what to do with this one!

On the home front...I am slowly going through things and packing. Not just in my quilt room either. I am by nature a packrat...I still have some size 7 clothes that I hold on to because of the memories not because I ever think I will fit into them again! I have award plaques that didn't mean much to me when I got them so why is it so hard to part with them now? The brain is a funny thing.


dot said...

Nice quilts. Who knows why we keep what we keep and do the things we do. I guess that is what makes us human.

ForestJane said...

How much bigger is the crayola one supposed to be? I wouldn't pick that one apart - You said the problem was with the seams. I don't see any, from this far back, but have you thought about a silhouette applique on top? That'd hide any mismatched seams, if there are any.

Then I'd bind it, use it for some practice machine quilting, (try some different patterns, for fun)and find someone to give it to!

I'm always being asked, "When are you going to make ME a quilt?" They're expecting free, of course... so maybe you have a friend who needs something bright and cheery? If not, most children's librarians would love something colorful to put on the library walls. :)

Tonya R said...

Feel free to mail me the Cobb quilt and I'll pick out the quilting for you...

Just whack the edges straight on the wonderfully colorful quilt and put on a wide border. Would be perfect for a quilt that gets used and loved - doesn't have to be at all flat if it's not going on the wall.

Ann said...

I for one love this crayola quilt. I agree with Tonya....just whack it straight and go from there!

Dawn said...

Oh I LOVE that top quilt with the blue border! Oh yes, keep it out of the closet! It is gorgeous! As for picking out quilting - I hate it - and don't know any good secrets.

The crayon quilt is kind of fun looking with the wonky block sizes. It makes it look like your eyes are going crazy! I think you need to put something wavy on there and make it crazy!