Saturday, November 04, 2006

Beginners Quilting

The group of women I went to Bath with are just starting to quilt. They had picked out a pattern for a simple tablerunner as a first project. By the end of the trip I had volunteered to help...that has turned into teaching a beginners course. Yikes. I've quilted for years and even taught a few classes but never a beginners class!

Monday we are going to work on using a rotary cutter, laying out blocks, and quarter inch seams. I've had to reread the "rules" since I've developed really bad habits on all of the above! I don't want to be responsible for somebody else cutting their finger off! The photo is of the table runner minus the appliqued snowflakes. (not sure if I'll put them on this one!) We will also talk a bit about selecting fabric since that was where they all paniced last week.

Also on the left is Macbeth on one of our morning walks. There are lots of public pathways around the area and he loves getting out on them! Our house would be about 1/2 mile to the left!

I've noticed my digital camera does a good job on closeups but when it comes to landscapes - like the photo on the left - it looks sort of washed out. It is so much prettier and brighter than the photo. Does anyone have any reccomendations? I'm even considering a new camera but not sure what I should look for? I am getting pretty spoiled with digital but if I need to go back to a 35mm I would.

Oh well...back to cleaning and putting away. We have done two trips to the recycling tip with boxes already today. The bad part is when the boxes are gone you see how much dust and dirt they were hiding! All this when I'd rather be sewing!


Norma said...

How generous you are to donate your time to beginner quilters! I love the project that you are going to work on. I hope you decide to add the snowflakes; I would love to see what it looks like with them added!

Sharon said...

I am loving seeing your new home...I've never been anywhere near there at all! About the digital camera? If you should purchase a new one, ask about the lens in it. My older Canon S40 has a much better lens in it (thus better long distance pictures) than the newest Panasonic one that has more pixels. I think the lens is more important than higher pixels, so I use my old (just about worn out) one all the time!

anne bebbington said...

You see - Cheltenham and its surrounds was just waiting for you :o) Good luck with the teaching I don't doubt you'll be great!

Carol said...

You won't have to go back to 35mm. Film - what a hassle! If you want to spend beaucoup dollars, you can get a real fancy digital one that'll be great. Not that I'm much of an expert, but they make digitals with all kinds of buttons and whistles, just like a good 35mm.

cher said...

how very kind of you to take on teaching beginners. It can be hard to think back to a time when you knew nothing about quilting. I am sure they are very appreicative of your efforts. Bath sounded a blast-hope you get back there soon!

Finn said...

Hi Sio, *VBS*, so good to see you posting again. I had given up checking to see, and then, there you are!!
Thanks for stopping over at my blog!
Sounds like a lot to get used to, but you've got your faithful companions there beside you.'ve found some quilters. Even if you have to grow your own..!!
I'm sure you will do an excellent job of getting them launched into quilting.
Goldie looks just like an invisible cat there against that color..LOL. I didn't know you had kitties to take along.The more the merrier, I say.
Do hope your hexs turn up. Hugs, Finn

ForestJane said...

That does look like a good pattern for beginners, it's even simple to adapt to fit each woman's table by adding another row of squares. :)

I agree with Sharon... people often pick out a camera by the pixel amounts, but the non-computer components are important too. Sometimes, a bigger or tiltable view screen lets you see what you're taking better... and the difference between glass, plexiglass and plastic lenses are really noticeable.

Tazzie said...

Thank you for sharing pictures of your new surroundings. I'm always amazed about the UK, such a small island with such a lot of people, and yet there still seem to be so many wide open spaces! Just lovely!

Tonya R said...

wow, it looks gorgeous there. I can believe that mac would love it like crazy.