Monday, November 13, 2006

Well everyone in the quilting group has the center of the tablerunner sewn together so next week will put the borders on and pin/baste. They should be done by the holidays. I proposed doing the railfence next but it seems they would like to make a sampler quilt to try the different blocks/techniques. I love sampler quilts so it is fine with me. They also have convince the folks who manage the rooms to let us have it from 0800 to 1230! I can't get there until 0900 but it gives folks time to set up so we are ready to go at 0930...or they can use the time to work on their projects. Amazing how much you can get done in 3 hours!

The ride there was particularly beautiful today. The trees are turning golden, the fields are still mostly green, and there are lots of deep crimson berries draped along the stone walls. I wanted to stop and take photos but the roads are very narrow and there aren't a lot of places to pull over. Maybe as I get to know the road better I'll find more spots!

The little quilt on the left was at the bottom of a box I emptied this weekend. It is a railfence I made as part of a challenge...we were given 5 pieces of fabric 6 inches by 6 inches and allowed to add one more fabric. I think it was hand pieced and am sure it is hand quilted. For a long time it covered a small bear on a shelf...I wonder what box he is hiding in?!


quiltpixie said...

sounds like a great group -- its so much easier if they know what they want to learn :-)

Unknown said...

Love the little fence rail - the colours are so pretty. Good on your group for going for a sampler quilt - a great way to build up your skills and try new techniques - even if only to discount the ones you dislike and will never do again :o)

Nancy said...

Samplers are fun to learn on. I think the next quilt I have my friend Mary do will be a sampler so she can learn a lot of different techniques.