Monday, November 20, 2006

A finish!!!

I can't believe it....I actually finished the tablerunner in time to hand it in for the auction! This hardly ever happens. I was using a new thread in my machine so went back to a brand I used to use (the color wasn't my first choice) and there we were - the machine worked fine. How fickle! Now I have three spools of quilting thread in a color I love that I can't use! Some bargain those were...

So now I can concentrate on other things -like getting the alien baby quilt quilted for my niece! I don't do a lot of machine quilting sor these are a bit of an adventure for me. For things like tablerunneres and babyquilts I think machine quilting makes a lot of sense.

We did go out the visit Winchcombe on Saturday. It was sunny but the wind cut right through you so we didn't stay out too long! It is a beautiful little town though. We stopped at the Farmer's market which they hold every-other Saturday. I bought some preserves to bring home to Mom, some organic cheese made by a local farm, bread, and a bag of root vegetable to use making soup.

Sunday we went to a local American groups Thanksgiving celebration. DH and I got our fill of turkey, mashed potatoe and pie so if we don't find any while we are in London this week we'll be OK! DH was very upset when he got to the dessert table and all the pecan pie was gone though so I may have to make one tonight to make it up to him. For a man who claims not to eat sweets or desserts he sure can put away his red licorice and pecan pie...occasionally a brownie and a biscotti...chocolate chip cookies and bannana bread - but he doesn't eat desserts!

I've been collecting images that I would like to use making a quilt while I am living in the cotswolds...thinks like this carving around a door in Winchcombe. I haven't worked out how I want to do the quilt yet - Baltimore Album style, photo transfer with piecing, pen and many choices! I may start with some small journal quilts like the ones I saw displayed at Lowell. That way I can change my technique on each piece if I like until one really grabs me!

Things I would like to include:
1. black faced sheep under an apple tree
2. pear tree with cats
3. black and white thatched cottage
4. roses...lots of roses
5. white cow with the curley "bangs" (don't know what kind she is but they graze in the field between us and the pub!)
6. hillsides
7. bushes with lots of berries
8. roman style statues and the roman floor mosaic of a rabbit

That is it for now...though I know I have a few more....always time to add on to any list!


anne bebbington said...

It's lovely to see the local area that I'm so familiar with through new eyes - your ideas for a 'local' quilt sound wonderful

Patti said...

What a neat idea for a quilt! I hope you follow through with this - it will be so much fun watching your progress.

Know what you mean about the thread. I have 5 cones of aurifil - which I've always loved in the past - and my longarm seems to HATE it! It's way less linty than the cotton thread I usually used so I was hoping it would love it. Machines can certainly have a personality of their own can't they!

Congratulations on your finish. I love the various blues you put in the runner - great choices of fabric!

The Calico Cat said...

Congrats on the finish! Very cute snowman fabric.

Fiona said...

Well done for finishing on time - I like the blue colourway - makes a refreshing change from the usual red and green.

Rae said...

I can see that gargol/dragon used, with it's miror image, as the top 2 corner blocks o a quilt. Maybe appliqued in colors.

Cann't wait to see what your design will be. I always try to make a quilt dipicting or representing an place we visit.


Anonymous said...

The carved scrollwork is stunning! I love that tablerunner - it looks so happy and the quilting is just fine :-)