Thursday, January 05, 2006

First Quilt Photo

If they shopping malls can put up their Christmas decorations at Halloween I feel Ok about posting my Christmas Quilt 4 days after New Years. It only hangs for a couple months a year so this was my last chance to get a photo for awhile!

I finished a couple of years ago and quilted for me by Bonnie Hunter. There are over 80 fabrics in this quilt...I only know because someone told me there had to be 75 for it to really be a scrap quilt (who makes these rules!) I obsessively counted the fabrics and then added 5 more just to be sure! I kept a journal while I worked on this quilt. I started just wanting to document how I chose the blocks and the fabrics but it became much more. The initial blocks were made as we entered Iraq. I pieced most of them while glued to CNN and listening to the "embedded" reporters. It brought back some memories.


Tonya R said...

Oh Sio, it looks fabulous - I never got to see it finished. Today is actually the twelth day of Christmas. Tomorrow the Coptic Christians here will be celebrating Christmas, so you're still in the zone. Thanks for posting it, no matter the season. Can you give us a close-up with some of the quilting? Was it an all-over pattern or specific to each block?

Bonnie said...

I do love this quilt......especially the scottie block! :c)


Dawn said...

I"m so glad you posted a picture! This is a wonderful quilt! I love the plaids and other fabrics and how they mix! I hope you end up posting more! I'd love to come back and visit!