Sunday, April 30, 2006

LIved to tell the tale...

Who knew that packing could be dangerous! (I mean packing up my quilt room not packing heat for you mystery fans....)

I was making an attempt to cull some of the fabrics I will never use, projects I will never finish, patterns and books never got the idea...from my sewing room. The photo is the non-dangerous side of the room...this gives you and idea of what I was working with!

Anyway, while pulling a basket from a top shelf the entire bookcase just fell forward. It was all very strang and in slow motion. I also fell backwards and fortunately rolled underneath the sewing table. It was like being in a very odd tent with mountains of fabric falling all around me. I must of screamed because the men working on my neighbors lawn came running to the window and were shouting to me in Spanish while my Scotty dog barked and my gold cat gave me the evil eye for invading her hiding space! Needless to say I am shaken but fine. My neighbor and the yard-guys came in an moved the bookcase back on end freeing me from beneath the table. I was worried my sewing machine was hurt but it seems a Viking can take a fall and keep on sewing!

I am angry at myself though...I was told at least three years ago to put brackets on the wall and to scew the top of the bookcase to them to prevent just what happened. Did I do it? Noooo. Put aside the fact I have MS and really crappy balance, I'm only 5 foot 4 inches so most of the bookcase's shelves are a reach for me! Dumb, dumb, dumb... So my advice - bolt those puppy's to the wall or really hold your ground for built-ins!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

favorite crusties

On Lazy Gal Quilting Tonya mentioned Rachel, one of our friends who refused to get involved in blogs, so i decided to post the coffe cup "crusties" they made for me. Neither of them saw the others in advance so either they are a lot a like or they both see me the same! I am amazed how well the two crusties look hanging together in my hallway!

Hanging with them is a postcard made by Margaret Hunt of South Carolina. She does really fun work. I am so not a high heel person but I got this a week after I had to clean my closet out of all non-doctor approved shoes. (read this as anything remotely fun, cute, stylish and leaving only shoes worn by blue haired ladies pushing walkers.)

I don't do much embellishment or "art quilts" myself though I like them. I am more traditional with an occasional trip into brights and batiks. This weekend I am going through my quilt tops and almost finished so will post some of those before they go into the packing boxes!

Bad photos

I'm reposting a photo of the tic tack toe blocks with cat...even with Brownie taking up her pose it is easier to see the colors of the fabrics! Some strange thing happened as the photo uploaded from my looked fine on my screen - promise.

I was supposed to participate in a neighborhood yard sale tomorrow morning but due to being behind in all things having to do with life I am not ready. So tonight I made several dozen muffins (banana, apple spice and chocolate chip) to give to my neighbors at 0700 when the whole thing begins. In my family food alway equaled forgiveness!

The piles of books and other stuff I had put aside is going into the Tuscon and going to Goodwill. It is getting bad that they know me by name!

I am going to use the rest of the day to kick back, try a new restaurant, and maybe even quilt a bit! (oh, ya, real life intrudes and I also have to get a passport photo taken...)

Friday, April 28, 2006

Back in Blog-dom

For the past month I've been off the computer...too many issue tonumber and if I do it sounds way too whiney. My apologies.

I did get to go to a great workshop with our guild. Dianne Hire who wrote Quilters Playtime was the instructor. She was fun but also kept us in line wo we were able to learn a lot. The photos are of my two "play blocks." The technique in the first photo (the blue quilt) is called musical chairs. The technique for the border is called piano keys. They are both very easy. The black and white with citris colors is called of is fun.

I am slowly getting ready to move. The neighborhood yard sale is Saturday and I may be organized enough to put a few things out! My stepson is coming up in a few weeks to take some "stuff" like the couches, hutch, and extra bed. The whole thing is exhausting! My husband is keeping his hands off the quilting room...who says you can't teach an old dog! After seeing the prices of fabric in England I'm taking the lot with me...even if there is no way that I could ever use all of it in only three years!