Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Tourism Day

I finally got my DH to drive down to Cirencester to visit a local museum there - Corinium. It was really interesting and a very neat little town. We are both reading the Libertus Mystery series (set in Roman Britain) and the first book happens very close to Cirencester. The artifacts and exhibits there also helped visualize some of the book passages as well. The photo on the left is of one of the Roman tile floors that was excavated in the area. I'm adding them to the list of things I need to include in my Cotswold quilt.

Because it gets dark so early I can't drive too far from home right now. Driving in the dark is a bit iffy for me...even with DH driving the headlights blind me a bit and make it very uncomfortable - OK I was holding the door handle so tightly I lost feeling in my arm! DH is not a great driver and it is even worse when I can't see how badly he is doing! Does that make sense?!

I've started pulling together fabric for a color confidence workshop for the new quilting folks. At the same time I am trying to pull together my quilting room. It definatly needs a few more days with long hours! My goal is New Years Day...we'll see...

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.

We finally have the house decorated and a few dozen cookies to wash down with eggnog. We went out this afternoon with friends but are spending tonight watching Christmas movies...Patrick Stewart in A Christmas Carole, the Grinch, Charlie Brown, to name a few. They have caroles at midnight at the village church if we can stay awake that long!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Fog, Fog, and more Fog

Well I'm back from the states and in the land of Fog! Yesterday I couldn't even see Mac at the end of his leash! It took a few days to get used to being on this time zone but I think I'm just using that as an excuse for being so far behind in getting the house ready for Christmas. Yesterday I did a marathon decorating session...the tree is up, dozens of santas are spread around the house, and all my cookie making supplies are spread across the kitchen counters! This is as Christmas as I'll get this year...there are still 4 boxes marked xmas in the garage but I've run out of energy and space!

I brought the quilt I am making for my great-nephew (yikes!!!) home to see if he would like it. What a fun kid! He first wrapped himself up in it, then spread it on the floor and laid down on it, then draped it on a chair to sit on it, he then covered the coffee table with it and then finally put it over his head and walked around the room....yes, my camera was going the entire time and may have contributed to his fun.

With all the fog and darkness right now (all making it very difficult for me to drive) I should be able to finish quilting it over the holidays. When someone shows that much appreciation for a quilt it is easier to finish it and to think of making them another!

We went into to town today to do some last minute shopping. It was crazy! Typical Christmas crowds. I was amazed the candy store we usually go to was almost stripped bare! I did find some chocolate covered raisins so I can make my DH's favorite Oatmeal cookies. It is hard being away from home for Christmas.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Computer problems

Sorry about the down time on has been acting up. Seems in the move one of the connections in the back got loose so when one of the cats would jump on the CPU it would disconnect me!

I've been really busy trying to get ready to go back to the states next week and to get ready for Christmas. Our choral group sings on Sunday and I've been sewing capes like a crazy person! Hopefully I'll have some photos on Sunday. They came out nice...makes us look more like a group.

Also I took a roadtrip up to another base to see a new doctor...what a waste of time! The man was soooo rude and dismissive. I thought my DH was going to come out of the chair and hit...which only made me more nervous then I normally am when at a doctor! I don't know what the phobia is when you start shaking when you enter the doctor's office, sweat through your shirt, mind goes DH once brought me to the emergency room because of a Kidney stone and when the doctor came in the room and asked how I was doing I said "fine" then threw up and passed out! The problem with doctors is they always find something wrong with you that you didn't go in for in the first place....

Anyways the photo is of the horse Macbeth and I pass each morning on our walk. He is feasting on the small apples the wind has blown down from the tree next to him.