Sunday, September 28, 2008

A few more English days....

I checked another line off my "to do" list. Friday I went up to Worcester to see the Cathedral and to a small pottery just outside Gloucester. Both were well worth taking the time out of packing and cleaning!The cathedral is gorgeous. It is right on the river Servern and we were lucky enough to have sunny...that's right...Sunny day! (no way was I staying in to pack when the sun is out!!!!)
I loved this little "sleeping monk" we found on the ceiling in one of the side chapels!

The stained-glass window were beautiful too....
So for the second year in a row my chili has come in second...oh well, isn't the saying always a bridesmaid? Anyway, I am ok with that since the guy who came in first had promised me his recipe for cheesecake which is absolutely wonderful. My Dh on the other hand had his hopes up for first!

Our computer gets packed on Tuesday this week so I my posting my sporadic through October...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Are we there yet?

Macbeth's photo sort of says it all...we are very tired. And this isn't the royal we either - the cats are sleeping almost all day, Macbeth will not give up his corner of the couch for anything or anybody, and if it wasn't for an obnoxious alarm clock I am fully capable of being the next Rip Van Winkle. Yup, we are very tired.

I would like to blame it all on the pack-out, the move, the MS, and/or the meds but in reality much of it is from just plain stubbornness. You see there are still boxes unchecked on my list of things to see and do while here in England. I am just too stubborn to accept that it is time to fold up the list and let it go (but, but, but....what about...just one more....)This week I joined and British American group on a trip to Lacock. It is a National Trust village that is used for many costume dramas like Jane Austin, historical movies like The Other Bolyen Girl, and Harry Potter! It is like hitting the trifecta!

For those HP fans you may recognize this hallway.....The cloisters also had some very interesting medieval tiles. Overall the lighting was great.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Moving slow and steady

About the only time I have picked up fabric in the past week has been to fold it, wash it or pack it. Not quite the same as actually making anything. The photo above is of one of the quilters in my group's sampler quilt. It is her first and she even mitered the corners using that ivy fabric! Can't wait to see it finished.My sister and her husband came to visit for a few days. I can't believe it rained almost the entire time. The photo above is of a row of Cotswold houses in Upper Slaughter. There are lots of photos and paintings done of this town.

I did take a day out to visit Highgrove, the Princes gardens. It was beautiful. A bit on the wild side - lots of slightly overgrown hedges and mismatched pavings. There are some sculpted areas too and a really wonderful middle-eastern style walled garden. They don't allow photos was killing me!

I am so tired of living in piles of stuff...I am sort of looking forward to their coming and picking up the stuff and getting on with it...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Craziness continutes

I started out my day sitting on jelly donut. I should have gone back to bed....

We were bringing a carload of "stuff" to the charity shop and my DH thought he would surprise me and picked up donuts when he went to the local shop for a newspaper. He assumed I would see it on the drivers seat before sitting down. Doesn't everyone check the seat for donuts before sitting? If I remember correctly it was on the driving test....

Even with clean-up duty we got to the shop early. I waited while DH went for a walk. The women working at the shop helped me unload the car. DH arrived just as the last box was dropped on the floor...he was carrying a two bags of books and rugby shirts. I don't think he has got this we are moving and need to cut back I didn't feel bad at all when I added to my little sewing machine collection.

Next was the trip to the vet with Brownie. Her lip was acting up and I needed to check out shipping requirements. This little 7 pound cat managed to stink up my car almost beyond bearing. While I was in with the vet DH cleaned the cage. I dropped DH off at work then the cat managed to come up with more ammunition. I almost drove off the road! When I got home DH had left me a message...maybe I should drive Brownie around everyday to get her used to the cage again. I wish he was joking!Anyway, the photo above is of a firescreen I bought a year or so ago. I caught my DH trying to slip it into the pile to go to the charity shop. You have to keep an eye on him...

I promise to have some quilting photos tomorrow...I plan to start packing them before my DH can get his hands on any of it!!!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A bit more of London

After a week of cleaning the house I did a quick one day trip up to London and fit in a packed schedule. (I could not believe how young these soldiers are! or am I just getting old?! And I must be shrinking!)I saw the changing of the guard, toured the Royal Mews and Buckingham Palace. Once again London wore me out!

The changing of the guard was very crowded but interesting. The Mews was my favorite - horses and carriages! Doesn't get much better than that. The palace was a bit overwhelming. The state dining room was set for a state dinner which is very over the top!Got home tired and had to get back to organizing and getting things ready to ship. I have visitors coming for a few days later this week so have to get as much as I can done as early as possible. Part of me just wants to have them pack it all and deal with it when I get to the states...not the worse idea...

Sunday I taught a bag class with a local sewing group. I also got rid of some of my excess fabric. I brought way too much drapery fabric with me...enough for two houses worth of windows! Needless to say I only made three curtains while I was here...I think I used more making bags!

Well the rain has stopped for a bit so out to clean out the I having fun yet?