Sunday, September 27, 2015

A bit of handquilting...

I'm trying to finish up a little "doll" quilt/miniature in time for the quilt show.  I love hand-quilting but the large quilts (like my Charleston Baskets) is a multi-year project!

I do find it interesting that while quilting it always looks better on the back...where you don't see the blue marker!

When it gets a soaking it will all go away until then I admire the wrong side of the quilt!

I was so excited to find the book from the Red and White exhibit waiting for me when I got home from Boston last week.  I had forgotten I pre-ordered it months ago!  This is a big, heavy book...not one to  read late at night in bed!  If you fall asleep it could fall over and break something!

This is what is up on my design wall right now.  I've been known to make special snacks for political debate nights (a bit of a political policy wonk) but this is as far as I let politics get into my quilting "zone!"  Though my husband says it isn't really fair and balance since the donkey is larger than the elephant...really, no political comment intended.  It just takes more blocks to make a donkey!

And yes, my sewing space is still in upheaval...lots of piles and still not enough space!  Well, if I just wiggle things a bit there is space...and if I just finish a few more of these tops!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Finally...I'm back!

After a tough summer I'm finally back!

It was a bad MS summer but I am recovering and getting back to quilting and blogging and all the other things I've missed doing!
Dobby is doing well and guarding the quilts!

So it shouldn't be any surprise that I am scrambling to finish some quilts for my quilt show this November!
Watson demanding face time with a vintage quilt top!

I committed to three entries but may try to finish two more...will know tomorrow afternoon if I can manage it!

I'm also still working on organizing my sewing room...still don't have it "right!"  One more big move and that will be it for awhile...need to spend more time sewing fabric than folding and moving fabric!

Scituate lighthouse, Sep 2015