Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Road trip

We made a roadtrip up to New Hamshire to visit my sister (and to escape the heat!) Her new house is beautiful and sooo quiet.

I visited Keepsake Quilting and was careful to only buy what will fit in a small box that I am mailing to myself! If you ever go up there check out Hart's Turky Farm down the road. The turkey sandwich was better than homemade! Also Moulton's Farm stand has incrediable raspberry rubarb sugarless jam and amazing blueberry pies. We had to block the chocolate and pumpkin whoopie pies from my Mom's view or her sugar levels would have hit new highs!

Last saturday I went to an antique show in New London. It was great. Within the first few minutes I spoted a bundle of old to follow. It was even better when I had a chance to unwrap it! Some old turkey reds, indigos double pinks and even a few chinzes! I was on cloud nine!

Today I spent most of my internet time checking out possiable flats or houses to rent in England. It is tough not knowing the areas but the photos help me get ready to hit the ground running when we get there in only two weeks!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006


Coming home to the place I grew up has been a very strange experience. In many ways it has changed a lot. There are more houses, more stores, a lot more traffice, and there is even a chinese restaurant in a town that only had a small coffee shop when I was small. Of course the schools are still here, the church still rings it's bells with barely enough time for me to make it down the street, the teenagers still hang out on the park wall, and the victory gardens which were once gone are now back - I missed the transitions!

It is a bit strange to have people I haven't seen in 20 years recognize me! Yikes. Today while I was waiting for my Mom to have her hair done I ran into one of our old neighbors in Stella's diner. She knew me right off the bat. To me everyone looks a little familiar!

We are in the middle of a heat wave here. I had forgotten what life without air conditioning can be like! It is only for a couple of days though so I think I can stick it out. We are escaping to my sister's in New Hampshire where I hope it will be a bit least the lake is only a few blocks away and I know that is cold!

Yesterday we went on an Artist Gallery tour in Hull. The town is right on the ocean so there was a nice breeze. I spent many hours on that beach the year I got my driver's license! The studio tour was nice. I restrained myself and only picked up some notecards. We had dinner at a very nice restaurant that I will never visit again. My Mom turns 88 in two weeks. She looks at least 10 years younger and gets around pretty well. The waitress obviously didn't think old people should be at this restaurant and made it obvious. I was angery. Angery enough to mention it to the owner (I recognized him from his many TV appearances.) I had to do it while my sister was in the ladies room because she would have been horrified. Oh well! He had twice the personality of his waitstaff and looked sufficiently angery/embarressed that I think it will not happen again.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

In limbo

Just a quick post...I am determined to figure out why I cannot get any photos on the blog today. Other than that I have not picked up a needle in weeks since the move started. Maybe I can break that trend today (heck the Red Sox had a shut out last night so anything can happen!)

I bought fabric last week...too much fabric. The sign said 70% off and I couldn't stop myself. Now I have to box it up and mail it to myself in England. Not smart, but I was stressed. I needed fabric to pat.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

We made it...

I'm still recovering from the drive up I-95. So much for my fantasies about visiting my favorite quilt shops. I had two cats, a dog, and an antsy DH in a packed car. It was 95+ degrees all the way up with lots of crazy drivers trying to get away for the holiday.

Pets and DH are settling in at my Mom's here in Massachusetts. That is not a drive I will do again anytime soon. I may even get to unpack and do some quilting some time this month! The fabric from the "lost" internet order finally showed up the day before I left town. I had to hide it under the drivers seat!

I'm still having problems with the photos...where are the computer guys when you need them!!!!