Friday, February 10, 2017

Almost Modern!

A few weeks ago I posted about the bag of vintage quilts I found.

In the bag was this hst quilt.  I loved the mix of prints and solids.  So when I broke my finger and had to spend the last couple of weeks with my left hand all taped together I started working on a quilt inspired by the Vintage - almost modern.

It was a fun quilt to make.  I used 4-inch strips so my hst finished at 3-1/2.  I think if I made one again I would use 5 inch strips but as I wanted a smaller quilt the size I used is ok.

I didn't want to match up the fabrics exactly but to get the same "vibe" as the original quilt.  I did use a couple of vintage fabrics in my quilt just to see who could find them!

All fabric except for the border came from my stash.  All have made previous appearances in other quilts!  I love picking up a piece of fabric that has memories...

It will be awhile before I can quilt this.  Just got word from the doctor that my pinky isn't healing as well as expected...they may put a cast on it Monday!  duh...he wants me to really not use my left hand over the much so the sewing room!  The real culprit I believe is the heavy book I was reading...made my hand hurt!

Monday, February 06, 2017

Quilts and photos...

This year I signed up for an online photo class with Ricki Tims (yes, the quilter Tims!.)  It helps keep me focused on learning and trying new things with my camera.  Most of all it gets me out taking photos!
My week 5 photo - Shape
We are in week 5 of the class.  It sort of alternates with a technical lesson and then an "art" lesson.  We then take and post a photo using what we learn.  So far so good!

Last week it was a technical photo...long distance "tack-sharp."  Almost got it.  These are the "love locks" at the Savannah Lock and Dam.  I was trying to get the locks and both the smooth and rough waters behind them in focus.

The 2017 guild donation quilt is finished!  (except for a sleeve and label...)  The quilt was inspired by a quilt in Indigo Quilts by Kate and Lori Lee Triplet.  It is an Irish Chain with a Birds and Flight border.  I drew the 6 applique blocks.  The quilt is queen size.  We used a lot of different Indigo fabrics in this quilt!

This week I am trying to finish up the quilt for my friends silent auction.  Also working on a quilt inspired by one that came out of the $5 bag of quilts!  And when I have a minute I'm cleaning the sewing room...ya, it will be a busy week!