Friday, September 15, 2006

The Tudor Tailors

I ventured out to Sudley Castle which was where Katherine Parr, the final wife of Henry the VIII lived after his death. (the photo above is just of the gatehouse!) It is about 20 minutes from where I am living and I read there was a program on Tudor clothing. I was not disappointed. Ninya Mikhaila, and Jean Malcolm-Davie wrote a book called the Tudor Tailer and do and excellant presentation!

They cover everything from what fabrics are used, how they were constructed, to how they were put on (hint...lots and lots of pins!) Thre were lots of example of other Tudor clothing on display. The gardens were a bit past their prime but nice to walk through anyways. It was definately worth the trip up the road even though I got lost for hours on some very small back roads! I'll chock that up as driving practice

I visited one of the local quilting shops yesterday. It is very nice and will help with the quilting loneliness! Even to do email/blog now I have to go to a local pub so for each post think 1 pint of ale! I can't post too much too often!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Last days in the US

I didn't have a chance to post my travels around New England before heading to England so I'll try and catch up today...

While visiting my sister I went to Keepsake Quilting...a bit of a pilgrimage really. Though I tried to limit myself I did buy some fabric. OK, lots of fabric. Enough fabric that I had to buy a box and mail it to myself. So much for self control.

Most of what I bought was reproduction fabric. Since I haven't seen much of it here I think I did the right thing in buying them then. So far I have only washed and ironed them but they will have a home in a project soon...even if it is only clipping a hexegon for my English Paperpiecing!

I also went to a great antique show in New London. I bought two packages of antique/vintage fabrics that are wonderful.

I have no idea of what I will do with them all except manybe just enjoy them!

I have started sketching out an applique quilt about the Cotswolds...lots of roses, rasberries, apples and stone walls! That is unfortunately the only creative things I've done. Between looking for a place to live, learning to drive, and taking care of the animals I've been tied up. I have started sketching a bit so I am at least trying to keep my "artsy" side alive.

Monday, September 11, 2006

From the beginning

I am so backlogged on stories about my trip here to England that I decided I would just start from the beginning and gradually get to the present...sort of like Star Trek and time disturbances....

Anyway, when we got here we stayed at the Cotswold Grange hotel for a few weeks. The breakfasts were huge and the folks there were really nice. It is close to town so I was able to walk or take the bus anywhere I needed to go.

We then moved to Prestbury...more on that later....

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Settling In...

It is killing me not to be able to post photos yet! We are still in transition and the wireless system at our temporary flat doesn't like our laptop so I make a trip downtown to the Everyman theatre which has an internet cafe and check my emails but it doesn't let you do much else.

We have found a house to rent which comes available the end of September. It will be nice to have my "stuff" around again. In the craziness of repacking a lot of my sewing essentials got left behind...after seeing the price of fabric here I should have ditched the shampoo instead of the box of thread!

I love the village we are staying in...Prestbury. It is said to be the most haunted one in England (and that is saying something!) but we haven't had the excitement yet. There are three pubs within walking distance each with a very different personality. So far my favorite is the little black and white Tudor one called The Pough. I still get excited each morning when I walk the dog and look at all the thatched roof cottages and the neat cotswold stone houses. I guess it will wear off but not anytime soon I hope!

The gardens here are "brillant" (my new favorite British saying!) I've started sketching an appllique quilt to represent all of the neat buildings and flowers I've seen since getting I just need my stash!!!!

I've missed being able to access the blog and I have tons of catching up to silly cafe meter however tells me I only have 9 minutes left....