Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lesson learned

So next year when they say "get your flu shot" I will absolutely go the next day and get it.  Lesson learned.  I not only had the flu early on this season but was lucky/talented enough to get it that is why I have been off the grid for the past couple of weeks...

But I am back!  I even started stitching again today.  (not too much)  I also have long, long list of things to do...

Like getting photos of this Ohio Rose quilt off to a woman who attended one of my programs and now wants to paint this block on her barn!  This was my Dad's favorite quilt.  It is from the 1930's  and is very soft.  The quilting is exceptional!  The binding is applied with a zigzag machine stitch!  After all that wonderful hand work...maybe the maker disliked putting on binding as much as I do?!

Monday, March 11, 2013

March - MS Awareness Month

March is MS (Multiple Sclerosis) awareness month.  The last few year's I've written a series of posts to do my part to help raise awareness.  This year I'm having problems getting my head around what to write. (so of course I began with a cute kitten and fabric photo....)

First I don't like to talk or write about MS.  I mean what is there to like?  Just look at that list of symptoms!

One word they left out is "unpredictable"...rarely do two people with MS have the same symptoms.  Heck week to week I rarely have the same symptoms!

For most at some point it will become progressive though they can't put a timeline to it...and for some it is more progressive than others.  Oh ya, I can plan with that sort of info.  My last MRI was a good news bad news...the brain is stable (at least MS wise) but it has gone into the spine.  "What does that mean?"  Not sure be honest it feels like I am walking around with and IED strapped to my back.

So what does this mean to my quilting?  Well, I am prioritizing things a bit differently.  Dumped a lot of UFO's that I was only working on due to guild (I took the class...I spent a lot of money on this fabric...everyone else is doing this technique so I should like it....)  If I don't love it I will not work on it...that is it.  Phew....

I am looking at my stash more critically...making sure I have a safe space to work in is more of a concern these days.  Last week I gave away four bags of stuff I will never miss...felt good.

Don't feel bad for me though...I'm also thinking of getting a more ergonomic table for my sewing machine and a new set of racks to store my quilt collection (so I don't have to climb on chairs to get the boxes out of the top shelves of closets or remove a dozen from the bed to get to the one I need!)

Of course all of these are good ideas even if I didn't have MS....maybe it is just making me do the right thing?  Wouldn't it be nice if instead of a head with the symptoms they made a graphic showing a head with the things you could do to fight MS....just and thought...and like standing, walking the dog, or seeing the difference between red and greens a thought is something you are grateful for when you have MS....

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Lost and found!

It almost feels like spring today!  Did some decorating for St. Patrick's Day...

Have you ever lost a project.  I mean an almost finished project?  During Christmas a lot of projects were put away and this quilt I was making for my DH seemed to have disappeared into an alternate dimension.  Could not find it anywhere!

Well, this week it resurfaced.  Why it was put away with my vintage hexagon tops I have no idea!  Just glad it is where I can finish it!  or maybe I should just let Dobbie stand guard until I piece the back (it is a king size quilt!

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Quiltshow Roadtrip

Visited a quilt show near Athens, Georgia yesterday.  Funny how many quilters from my guild I ran into there!

It was interesting to see a quilt in the show that used the same Piece of Cake pattern that we are using for our donation quilt.  They couldn't look more different!

 The one in the show is done on a white background with a vine border while ours is on a pieced gray background with a half flower border...

or at least will be once it is finished!

I did a fair amount of damage at the vendors...mainly things I needed that aren't available around my home like Jeanna Kimble straw needles that I like to use for applique, some bright wools from Shaker Woolens, and a layer cake of the new Moda Indigo!  I also got a couple thumb thimbles from School House Quilts.  I had been using the same one for years and a couple weeks ago it went missing...I'm thinking one of the cats made off with it!
(had to include this was in a quilt that had blocks with all wild animals titled "what doesn't belong in a zoo"....very fun!)