Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Multi-Generational Quilt Top

So my husband calls from an estate sale and says there is a quilt top with lots of brown fabrics in the blocks with a light blue floral alternating block.  He is not a quilt expert so that is pretty much all I could get out of him.  I guessed it might be circa 1870 so told him to splurge the $7...

Well, I was half right!

The blocks are 19th century but that blue (which I hoped was Lancaster blue) is most definitely not!

Plus, the blocks are all neatly sewn by hand while the alternating blue blocks were sewn on by machine.  Since the fabrics are more than 30 years apart it would be considered multi-generational...even though there is a chance it was all done by the same person.

This top was packed away with some of my other fabric study pieces...

That was the cabinet I worked on took a long time to pack.

However I am making progress on the packing front...think my sewing room will be finished by the end of the week!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

In the sewing room...

So much is stressful right move...falling!  I know they aren't all equal but they are all keeping me awake at night!

So I am spending more time in my sewing room.

When Goldie, my 17 year old cat, gives me a bit of space.
small quilt I machine quilted...still have quite a learning curve but getting there!
I am making miles of binding...have 4 quilts to bind for our show in November and three wallhangings that need binding for the silent auction.  Wouldn't it be nice if they all just used the same fabric?!  Never works that way..

Just a few more feet of binding and the Picasso in Paris quilt will be ready for my sister.  This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern from her website.  I took her scrappy trip around the world blocks and put them on point.

I am really happy with the stripe I used for binding!

My biggest "finish" is my Baltimore Applique leftover top!  I started this 25 years ago...vintage before it is even quilted.  I was happy to find I had enough of the background fabric to piece a back for the quilt.  A friend is going to hand quilt this one for me.

So perhaps a few more quilts and a couple more days of limiting the number of  hours I listen to the news and I'll be back packing up the house again...until then I'm hiding in the quilt studio....