Sunday, January 26, 2014

Storm Warning across our county...

When the storm warning crawl goes across the TV screen my New England roots really show...

First, check the flashlight and battery situation...then the radio...then the camper stove (I can live without heat but without coffee or tea - no!)  Next, check the food situation...both human and pet.  After all of this I decided to go to the store early in hopes of beating the chance!

I think I got the last battery in Home Depot...and the storm isn't supposed to start until Tuesday night!

I know I make fun of how everything closes here when there is threat of snow...but when they say threat of wind and ice.  You can bet the electricity will be out for a few days!

Now I can focus on the immediate the washing machine that isn't working (could have something to do with my DH jamming it so full of clothes...) and my DH's car that will not start (most likely just the battery)...or the right burner of my stove that decided not to heat up this morning...That is my three, right?  So no more at least until after the storm....

I've been moving some past projects is a vintage baby quilt and one I made based on it...

I really like how the embroidery is part of the quilting though it does take a bit more hand strength then regular quilting.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wool Day!

About once a month I get together with some friends to work on wool projects.  We call ourselves the "woolie woolies..."

Today was fun.  We tried felting wool from roving using both wet methods and needles.  I was happy my egg ended up shaped like an egg!

 I do need to do a bit of decorating with needle felting to dress it up a bit...but I do love the color!

In March we are going to try needle felting a small lamb/sheep.  I'm hoping with some practice I'll eventually be able to make a scottie dog!

Good news...the kitchen is finished.  At least the painting part.  Now I have to put all the "stuff" back.  I'm using this as a chance to change up the pictures and toss some of the unused utensils and plates.  Hope to make a bit more space.

Now I don't generally recommend products but this rejuvenate for counters worked great for me!  I hated the idea of replacing perfectly good counters just because they were getting a bit dull.  This really brought them back to life....which is good as that means more money for fabric and quilts!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So just as my husband was leaving for a short guy-roadtrip with his buddies he tells me the painters are coming over on Monday to "measure and pick out colors and stuff."  Now I was just happy we were having folks come in to paint instead of our usual do-it-yourself which usually translated to "Siobhan does it after banishing her DH to the other room and swears she will never let him do another DIY project."  (last time our Scottie dog had a blue streak down his back like a rocker skunk for months...)

I was about to chalk this up as my first "live with more wisdom" step in 2014..but then the doorbell rang.  There stood the painters all set to start painting.  No I had done no prep or cleaning or straightening up like I would usually do.  Heck, they were early.  I was still in my pajamas.

So it was an interesting Monday.  I picked out colors (pretty much the same as we have now!) and they got the cabinets off the wall, prepped in primed in about the same time it took me to get over the shock of it all!

This blog is supposed to be about quilts...I know.  Today was supposed to be spent quilting and that didn't happen either...

I did however clean a closet...really I was looking for the cabinet hardware I bought in Poland about 8 years ago...didn't find the cabinet knobs but I did find some fabric I was missing!  A bag of Cherry wood fat-quarters, a couple of scrap bags, and some block they had used for their display that were on sale!

What do you think...Monkey wrench only on point

Or mix the Monkeys and the basket blocks?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Guild retreat...

Every year my guild has a four day retreat at a local state park - Hickory Knob.  This is the first time I haven't gone up for the weekend but I did go up for the day.
Prayer/comfort quilt for a guild member who lost her sister (also a guild member) last fall.

It is fun to see what other folks are working on.  Plus there are demonstrations during the day on things like continuous bias binding, back-baste applique and loads of other subjects.

These blocks are part of the block raffle...they will make a really fun quilt!

Since about half the guild is there it is also a good time to hand out the kits for the next donation quilt...I'm not "quilt Mom" but I am helping out the new member so she doesn't feel like it was totally dropped on her!

This year we are doing a version of "Baltimore Country Cousin."  It will be much more traditional than our last two donation quilt but not too traditional...more French country!  We have found two things lead to good ticket sales - applique and at least queen size!  Good thing it is a group project!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

2014 Quilting Plan

Finally I'm back...sorry for the delay in getting my list up.  Let's just say lots of changes have made getting on the computer difficult the past few weeks...grrr...I used to be better with change!

Anyway, have you been following the blog and facebook posts about choosing a "word" for 2014?  For some reason it reminds me of that TV show from about 10 years ago, Allie McBeal,  where the characters selected individual "theme songs."  But I digress.  I went along and selected my "word" is Acceptance.

Now this isn't a weaselly quitting me acceptance is difficult.  This is more along the line of the prayer "Give me the wisdom to change the things I can.  To accept the things I can't.  And the wisdom to know the difference."  So basically I'm trying to live smarter this year.

So what does this have to do with quilting you ask?  Well last year I was a finish maniac.  I had faced the mountain of UFO's in my quilting room and I was determined to demolish it.  (this was quite literal as I had boxed up my UFO's and the pile reached the ceiling and then some!)  It was a productive year at the end I didn't feel as if it was a creative year.  hummm.

So this year I have fewer projects on my list which allows me to play a bit more.  Also takes into account a greater need to rest and reflection.

I am also taking on fewer outside projects.  I accept that MS isn't something I can muscle through and if it only allows me so much energy per day then I need to allocate that wisely.  Already this year I've said no to a guild board position and handed over being the donation quilt Mom to another member.

I'm not just focusing on what I will "not do."  I have a short list...

1.  AQSG entry...for which I have all the patterns drafted (9 blocks and 4 borders,) two blocks finished and two half finished.  This is my project for the next couple of months!

2.  Quilt or have quilted the Russian Sunflower is still in the same stage as it was a year ago!

3.  Quilt or have quilted my Charleston Basket is basted and I have a "plan."

4.  1904 Halloween quilt - put the borders on and send out for machine quilting (after taking all the cat fuzz off of it!)

5.  Continue work on my Sherlock Holmes Crazy quilt...

As with last year I'm sure a few things will slip in but these are the projects I really want to focus on.

As for road trips/education...
1. Pigeon Forge show in March
2. Pilgrim and Roy exhibit at the Boston Museum of Art this May
3. Charlotte AQS show in July
4. Chattanooga AQS show in Sep
5. Exhibit at the DAR IN Washington in Nov

Same goes for this list...I'm sure there will be others but for now this is the plan...