Sunday, February 28, 2016

Donation Quilt at Home Show

My quilt guild makes a quilt each year to benefit Camp Rainbow, a medically supervised camp for children with cancer.

One of our big events for this quilt is the Augusta Home Show.

I worked at our booth for the first shift and was really happy with how generous the folks were.  One man said he didn't have time to fill out the tickets but wanted to donate and put a $20 bill in the bucket!

Flowers are starting to come up even with the cooler weather...makes me want to work out in the yard but it is still about a month too early!

Speaking of flowers my friend Paula gave me my swap quilt this week!  The quilt on the left is Carnival corn that I made and gave to her and on the left is Fanciful Blooms (a Sue Spargo pattern that Paula made her own!)  which she made and gave to me!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sue Haidle Applique Workshop

This weekend my guild had an applique workshop with Sue Haidle of Apple Blossom Quilts.

I think we all had fun and certainly learned a lot!

Sue has her own approach to back basted applique and some other unique techniques.  I think no matter how long you have appliqued there is always something to learn or a slightly different way of doing things.

Even learning about a new needle is worth admission!

Our group was mostly intermediate and we were certainly challenged!  (She does do basic or beginner classes too!)

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Baby Quilt finished!

I did it...finished a baby quilt before the baby was born!  Trust me this has only happened once before...usually I think I do well if it is finished before their first birthday (oh ya, I wanted to know the gender first...that excuse just doesn't work anymore!)

The last stitch went into the binding about noon and it was at the post office by 2:00!  I stopped for an ice-cream on the way home to celebrate!

I have another baby quilt waiting for binding so I can't stop and party too long...

I'm continuing to work on Photoshop...a little bit each day...and it gets a bit easier each day.  Not a lot but a little bit!  Yesterday I too photos on different manual setting of my camellia bush.  First year it has bloomed!

Also worked on our guild's next donation quilt.  We got permission to base it on this quilt in Kay Triplett's book on Indigo.  We are adding some applique in the open areas. The applique will be in the fabrics below...a bit challenging but fun on the less!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Photo Shop Class

I started this year out with finally getting to one of those long term items on my bucket list...I'm taking a class on Photo Shop.
Beach in Honduras...homework last weekend
I love it...I hate it...and I love it.  Some times my head feels like it will explode!

In the class I am the only "real" beginner.  Heck one woman used to teach the class!  The instructor is is just a tad fast!

Also, I find myself wishing I could go back and take photos again knowing what I do now about my digital camera!

Reminds me of when I took a year long applique class where we made one block a month.  At the end of the year I looked at my first month's block and decided to remake the end I had 16 blocks but only used 12!  We are hard on ourselves aren't we?!

I also see the photos creeping into the quilting room...this is yesterday's block for the Splendid Sampler over on Facebook!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

My guild had a Valentine theme to our monthly meeting.

Lots of really creative folks.  The challenge was to make a bag/box for folks to put your valentines into...the winner was this very fun cardboard "sewing machine."

There were lot of fun entries!

And as always show and tell was interesting...from tiny sunbonnet sue's  (yes those are all appliqued and then hand-quilted!)

to Modern quilted projects...

an original quilt made from infant "one-sies"...another item to recycle!  This is called "You are my Sunshine."

to a quilt-top started at a Victoria Finley workshop several years ago...

to a very quiet and well behaved guild quilt dog! (dressed for the occasion!)

There was food too...lots of food.  This is the south after all!

Friday, February 12, 2016

I'm back again...

2016 has started out as a crazy year...but I'm back and will try to do better!
My Carnival Corn quilt on display this month in GA!
To start with I am working hard to finish up two baby quilts.  Two of my nephews who married just a couple weeks apart 4 years ago now are having babies only a couple months apart!
Mommy and quilted and just waiting on binding!
All good...I just need to start working on baby quilts again.  Think I may need several in the years ahead!
Beach in Honduras....
In January my guild had its retreat, my small wool stitching group put up a show in Millidgeville, GA called "stitching with friends."  (photo of Carnival Corn is from that show,) and my husband and I went on a cruise.

I've spent February recovering!