Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tumbler Quilt...

I am almost finished my Halloween tumbler quilt...

This one has been a long time in the works.  I really wanted to have it out before Halloween this year.

I thought I would bind it in black...but today when I started auditioning black fabrics from my stash they all looked a bit washed out.  I wasn't sure if it was the fabric or my eyes (having optic neuritis issues this week...makes everything a bit dull...)  I was really frustrated when ...

I almost tripped over this purple polka dot fabric that had auditioned for the "role" of elephant in a baby quilt I on my design didn't make the cut but didn't make it back to it's spot in the stash either!  Lucky for me...

So purple it is....

Also, I'm trying a new quilting product.  These little "caps" for the ends of pins are so much easier for me to handle than safety pins!

A friend was using them at retreat last month.

 She really liked them (they are all the funky little white and red "dots")so I went online and got a few bags to try!  So far so good...

Saturday, October 24, 2015

One week until Halloween!

I really like Halloween and though I don't go as overboard as some in my neighborhood I do like to get some decorations out!

This year I went the easy route and just used several pumpkins and lots of mums.  For the entryway I put out a small display of fun Halloween things - including my witches hat stitched up a few years ago using a  Crabapple Hill design.

So no surprise that this week I ordered the new Salem Quilt Guild Mystery row from Crabapple Design!

This design combines embroidery and crayon work on fabric.  It has been a long time since I tried that.  Anyway, it should be a great take-along/travel project!

I also succumbed to another book.  My friend Shannon sat at the same table as me at retreat and she was working on this quilt, Farm Girl Vintage,  by Lori Holt.  It is so stinkin' cute!  My rational?  I have so much 30's fabric in my stash and I really should just use it...(how does that one work?!)

On the "current quilting events" side...I am still working hard on getting things ready for the show.  Only 1-1/2 more bindings, a sleeve, three labels and half a quilt to quilt....getting close!!

While I am on a roll I may just slip this little quilt under the needle.

Was planning to hand quilt it but there are so many seams...

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Some new books!

I did a bit of "pity-purchasing" last week-end when a virus had me out of that I am feeling better I get to enjoy the packages arriving at the front door!

I bought several book but I'll share two of my favorite arrivals.  First, Indigo Quilts: 30 Quits from the Poos Collection by Kay and Lori Lee Triplett.  Love this book!  The first third is data heavy - everything you want to know about the history of Indigo.  Lots of history and some photos.  The next third is titled "Quilt Album" and it is just that - photos of great examples of indigo quilts. (you will need couple cuts of tea to get through the first third and a napkin to keep your drool off the pages for the album section!)  Finally the last section has directions for 5 projects using indigo fabrics.  It is nice selection of applique and piecing at beginner to advanced.

Second book is Tributes and Treasures: 12 Vintage-Inspired Quilts made with Reproduction Prints by Paula Barnes and Mary Ellen Robison..  This book is mainly about the patterns with a bit of American History.  The quilts are nicely designed, the book is laid out well, photography is excellent, and the directions for the quilts look to be well done.  It is a keeper!

I am still working hard to finish a couple more quilts before the show in two weeks.  So of course my go-to sewing machine died.  It has been in and out of the shop so often the past year that I am finally accepting it may be time to let it go...ever since I wore out the feed-dog and had to have it replaced it just hasn't worked the same.

The good news is I finally took out the $10 Bernina 1030 my husband found for me at an estate sale.  Of course then I had to take it in to be serviced - $80.  Then I bought a walking-foot - $170....but I love this machine!  Definitely worth every penny!

I finished channel quilting this little improvisational shirting quilt.  It reminds me of many early 20th century Southern quilts made using scraps from the textile factories.  For this quilt I used colors found around Augusta in the springtime...when we have most of our visitors!  I should be able to get the binding down tonight and then only have one more to finish!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Precuts and another finish!

Two things to write about today...first, another finish and second, a discussion on pre-cuts.

Quilt shows are great inspiration to finish things!  This quilt has been "almost finished" for a long time.  I think the pattern was in a McCall's magazine several years ago.

Anyway, this will be for display only, no judging as it really isn't "show worthy" but since it goes well with the season it will be a "filler quilt!"  After the show it will be the new couch quilt for my husband!

So how does this lead to precuts?  Well, I used 2-1/2 inch strips making this quilt.  Not a jellyroll but 2-1/2 that I cut from left-over project fabrics.  Also there has been several discussions on facebook on "how do you use precuts."

I can't say I never buy them.  They are tempting!  Mainly I buy them if they are on sale or if it is a new line of fabrics that aren't carried locally so a charm pack gives me a better idea of the real colors.  They do tend to add up though!

I don't choose patterns based on precuts though I do have one on the design wall that could have been made using some!  I choose this pattern because I need one that used elephants for a baby quilt.  (the elephant and the donkey are not part of the project...but do show I am "fair and balanced!")

Most of the 5-inch squares for this came from a pile of squares given to me for my birthday by my quilting buddies.  This pile has been a great source of bits for little projects or applique!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

A little finish!

Number three, a little doll quilt, is now finished!

This was a blog quilt-a-long led by Lori over at Humble Quilts several years ago.  I think it was called Strawberry Lemonade...sorry Lori if I'm wrong!  It has been awhile in the "to be hand-quilted" pile.

That pile doesn't go down nearly as fast as it builds!

On the vintage quilt front I bought this fun large 9-patch Carpenter's Wheel on ebay last week.

It arrived yesterday.  Needs a good airing out and some bath time but it is a fun quilt!

It was made in Texas.  From the fabrics I'd estimate circa 1940.  (this little blue fabric is a fun 30's one though!)

The quilting is amazing!

It has a pieced muslin back...a few spots need some attention before it hits the bath...need to get to it while the weather is good for quilt drying!

btw...this is Dobby's birthday week!  Since he was a rescue we don't have an exact day...he had rotisserie chicken and some special salmon treats...

Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy dance - another quilt finish!

Color me happy...finished...yes, completely finished with binding, sleeve and a pillowcase my second quilt for the guild show next month!

Only two more to go but those are both small.  This one autumn one is queen size...felt like I wast stitching binding down forever!  The quilt design is from Blackbird Designs (with a few adjustments) and I think it is called 1904.

Good thing my guild had a retreat this past weekend.  It is easier to stitch down binding when there is a lot going on around you but no interruptions like making dinner or playing with the dog!
that is me in the far right, front row...
The retreat was great!

It was out at a church camp in South Carolina.  Nothing fancy but it had lots of work-space, was incredibly clean, and they provided two meals a day - and the food was really good!  (the tomato basil casserole was amazing!)

Getting together in groups like this can be a great kick in the pants to get things finished.  Like this group of blocks my friend Linda had...

She put them up on the quilter recommended the orange-y yellow for the sashing...

then another brought over some black polka dot fabric for the cornerstones.

Project goes from UFO to a a flimsy in just a couple hours!

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Fall decorating...

So I thought I get a bit of decorating done inside to get ready for fall...

Imagine my surprise when I went to dust off the top of the hutch in my dining room and found I still had a few Santas out!  Please tell me I'm not the only one to ever have done this!  The Santas are blue and white and just sort of hid out among the blue and white plates...

hopefully no-one noticed...or maybe they just thought I was being eccentric!  Ya, that's it...I'm eccentric!  or even eclectic!  I can work with that!

So down comes the red, white and blue Goose in the Pond...

and up will go my Crab Apple Trees (Bonnie Hunter pattern.)

Shells, sailboats, and lighthouses are boxed up and up goes some Torquay motto-ware, pewter, and sheep!

lots of blue disappears and is replaced with lots of browns and neutrals...

well maybe not all neutral...

I think I'll only get the living room to a quilting retreat for the weekend!  Lots and lots of binding and sleeves to sew on!!