Monday, July 11, 2016

Design wall update....

I have a lot of projects going on at once...I know!  What else is new!

For years I've wanted a French Prov. style quilt for my kitchen wall and I am now close to having it!  I bought the charm packs at the North Carolina Quilt Symposium in May, put it on the design wall in June and stitched them together in July....if all goes according to plan I'll put the border on in August and quilt it in September!
border fabric for my "French" quilt....
I've also started my neutral quilt using a pattern in Pat Wys book.  My interpretation of neutral is a bit broader than hers!

Anything that looks like denim is a neutral....and I included some yellow just to keep it interesting..

I am also working on a quilt for the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild to give to those in their community effected by the shooting.  Several members of my local guild made blocks and am almost finished sewing them into a top!

And finally, I continue to work on blocks for "The Splendid Sampler" led by Pat Sloan.  I am way behind but I'm ok with that.  In the end I guess I'll make about half the is still fun!  I'm using only scraps for this project...not making much of a dent in the scrap bags but at least I'm trying!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Donation quilt top finished!

It has been a crazy month already here in Georgia....heat has been over 95 degree every day...had to have a procedure to take care of some aneurysms before I could have my gallbladder surgery...and we had to finish the guild donation quilt.

The first two are really not interesting (except for the fact they are cutting into my photography time...need to learn to like studio work more!)  The donation quilt however has really turned out nice!

My guild makes a quilt each year to raise money for Camp Rainbow, a medically supervised camp for children with cancer.  The inspiration for this year's design came from Indigo Quilts, by Kay and Lori Lee Triplett.  In their book they have a an antique "Irish Chain with flock of geese border."  (love this border but it isn't for the faint of heart!)

Since we have found that applique quilt tend to raise more money we added the applique.  I drew the 6 applique designs myself based on traditional motifs.  The fabrics include yellows to orange, dark indigo to powder blue, and a few browns and tans.  There are at least 100 different fabrics in this quilt!  Most of the fabric came from members's stash...we purchased the background and a couple of fatquarters of indigo.

So now it will go off to be quilted by another guild member...

(Just a note...this is in no way soliciting ticket sales for this quilt.  We offer tickets at an Art event, a Home Show, and at our Quilt Show.  They are also available from guild members sometime after November this year.)