Monday, July 29, 2013

Organize it weekend...

It was a hot and muggy weekend here in Georgia so it was a good weekend to stay inside the quilt studio and organize!  I matched up some more finished tops with some backs.

This is the fabric I used to back my dancing 9-patch!  There is even enough left over to make a storage bag for the quilt!   When I find a fabric I like that is on sale I (a really good sale...this was only 3.50 a yard after sale and coupons!)  I usually buy 6-8 yards and add it to the backing basket.

This camping fabric came out of the same basket and will back a quilt going to the Ronald McDonald house.

Not sure where this one with the pink batik backed quilt will end up!

I also got some blocks put together for a Quilt of Valor.  Last September guild members brought patriotic blocks to the meeting.  I've had them on the wall, in a box, and pinned together since January and just didn't run them through the machine...finally they are a quilt top!

Maybe today I'll dig through the basket and find a backing for this one....

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dancing 9's top finished!

Finished the Bonnie Hunter "Dancing 9's" top today.  (Only started it last week!)  This is a fun quilt.  Once the 9-patches are made the rest goes together so quickly!

I used up a lot of scraps and 2-inch squares left over from recent projects like the donation quilt, Carnival Corn and Bermuda Seaglass.  I added two more row of the 9-patch so mine measures a bit longer than the pattern  (65x55.)  Also, I used a variety of gray fabrics for the "sashing" to make it even scrappier.  (the top hasn't had its final pressing yet and having a cat hiding underneath makes it look much wonkier than it is in real life!)

Think it is finally time to clear the cutting table and get any left overs back on the shelves for awhile.

I also tried some blocks using a 5 inch square instead of the 9-patches.  Would make for a quick quilt and works with larger prints really well.   Decided not to use them in the quilt but am going to sew them up for a table-runner/dresser scarf to go with the quilt.

Heat has finally settled in to Georgia...looks like I'll get a lot of sewing done the next couple of weeks!  Too hot to go outside!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fun Mail Day!

Somedays I just love it when the mailman comes to the door!

Today I got two packages that I knew were coming but didn't have a firm date on so they were sort of a surprise.  First is a quilt I purchased on Ebay...I love the spiderweb design and I've started one a couple times but they are languishing in the UFO pile.

This quilt is circa 1930 and has a great collection of fabrics in it.  A very happy quilt.  And yes...more yellow!  (I have an appointment with my eye doctor next week and I'm going to ask him if my Optic Neuritis may have something to do with my new love of yellow?!)

This was a good ebay is so much nicer in person than the photos the seller had on her posting.  Sometimes it works the other way....

Also my new Material Obsession Book arrived!  I love these.  The original deliver date was in August but had been moved up two times...thus the surprise arrival!

As for quilting...I've put the donation quilt aside for a few days.  Need to look at it with fresh eyes.  Tomorrow I'm bringing it to a small quilting group to make a final decision.  In the meantime I've sewn together some of the 2-inch squares that were left over from the applique and from the 2-inch bin to make a dancing/jumping 9-patch using Bonnie Hunter's directions.  I used a variety of gray scraps to make the sashing pieces..It is making up into a fun quilt.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Progress on the list!

I made a bit of progress on my list this past weekend.

I trimmed the edges of my Bermuda Seaglass quilt and cut the binding...still need to sew it together.  Goldie gave it her seal of approval by posing on it...

Then I squared up the blocks for my guild donation quilt.  This was done early in the morning...well, not too early.  This was done in the morning after two cups of coffee and while DH was out at the driving range.  The house was cool and quiet.  I could focus!

Now I just need to put the inner borders on and piece the applique outer borders (turquoise, black and white, and then yellow...because there just is't enough color yet!)  This will be done in a group!

The mailman just came and delivered the little Alzheimer quilt I won at auction.  It is called "Hoedown" and was made by PJ Howard of Denver, is a great little quilt!  Adding it to the little quilt gallery today!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rain and finishes...

After several years of drought we finally are getting rain...and rain...and more rain.  Yikes!

There is a small creek that is usually about 3 feet wide and about 30 feet behind my fence-line.  Yesterday it was about 60 feet wide and 3 feet from the fence-line!  And it is running fast!

 It empties out into an small inlet about 400 yards away that then leads into the Savannah River.  We need a couple of no-rain days for the ground to dry-out a bit... The herons seem to be enjoying the rain though...he was picking up frogs that had washed out into the inlet.

So when it isn't raining it is really, really humid.  Needless to say I am staying inside a lot!  Which does help in the getting quilts finished category...

I sewed down the binding on Carnival Corn and even finished the hanging sleeve.

  I'm going to give it a quick wash then sew on the label and call this one done!

I also got Bermuda Seaglass back from Judith Lockhart.  It looks great.  Now I just have to make miles of binding...ok,  not miles but this is a king size quilt so lots and lots of binding.  My DH wants dark blue binding which is ok by me...just happened to have a couple yards of it on the shelf!

And for a different type of we went to an estate sale.  I wanted to replace a couple of blue and white plates that broke in the last move.  Anyway, I ended up getting two small Hitchcock chairs.  They are solid but the finish is a bit rough.  I'm definitely re-caning them but I'm hopeful just a bit of polish and the original stencil will come through.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Good News...

Not good...great news!  My stepson messaged me to tell me he got a job!  He got his degree last month in art and has been putting out resumes like crazy.  I know he is a hard worker and good at what he does but with the job market out there I have to admit I was nervous.  Phew...

I am rummaging through some of my vintage "stuff" and putting some things aside for the American Quilt Studies Seminar silent auction.  I made this little quilt top (16 inches by 12 inches) from antique blocks many years ago...think I'l put a back on it and donate it.  I'm trying to limit my vintage "stuff" to one very large closet so as something comes in something must go out.

Not sure if I posted this book before.  I pre-ordered it months ago and last week it showed up!  Almost forgot about it! (Amazon is dangerous that way...)  The photos are very good.  It has a different take on Toiles...expanded my definition of them.  And I really liked how she categorized them into themes.  I was surprised to see I had many of the modern ones in my stash! My only grumble - I wish there were more photos of vintage Toiles.  Still I'd five it 4 out of 5 stars...
And just for sheer cuteness...check out my friend Rachel's porch railings!  She and her DH collected them for a year and built this themselves.

And this is the little setting behind the need to get to work on my porch.  There has been sooo much rain that my potted plants have all just rotted.  After yesterday's rain the creek out back almost hit the 100 year flood mark.  Not good!

And on the health front...looks like they are going to approve my meds now...very good!  Now I'll have something on hand to combat the MS fatigue!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Blocks and fabrics

I've been playing with stripes and florals the past week.  Very fun.

I saw this block in an antique quilt that was in poor condition.  The colorway is similar - I used reds where there were reds and stripes where there were stripes - but the border is my own.

Many of the stripes are from men's shirts...finally using some of that shirting fabrics I've stashed away!  About half the floral/centers are Kaffe.  I think this could be fun with his stripes but the ones I had on hand are for another project and I was trying to use what I had on hand (besides none of the stores in town carry Kaffe stripes!)

It continues to rain neighbor's yard is covered in mushrooms!  We are also having a problem with so many frogs.,,,they are really noisy.  We see so many that the cats are bored with them....

I got a very fun package in the mail from San in Northern Georgia...

it had these vintage fabrics in it!  They are great additions to the fabric study collection...thanks San!

An MS note...a month or so ago my neurologist put me on a new med. (my insurance company no longer covered the meds that had been working for me the past 5 years.)   Long story short the new ones did not work well for me at all.  I'm in recovery mode right now but it has set me back a bit.  So when the energy comes back I'm gearing up for an insurance company battle....wish me luck!

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July...Independence Day here in the U.S.A.
My Red, White and blue Goose on the Pond
Generally this is a day for cookouts, beach, and fireworks - all the great things about summer.  This year we are taking it easy and may just do the cookout!

Stay safe and enjoy the holiday...

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Carnival Corn is Quilted!

Carnival Corn came back from One Loose Thread and it looks great.  I have the binding all ready to go on and would have it finished if not for a bit of technical difficulty with the sewing machine today.

Ah well, that is why I have a backup machine!  I just have to wait until my DH gets home to switch the machine out and I'll be back in business!

This quilt just makes me happy...which is good because usually when my machine up and dies on me I'd me a grouchy mess!

For those of you who may be new to this blog...Carnival Corn is based on a quilt-top I bought at auction in South Carolina last summer.  The top is in poor condition but the maker worked at a textile mill so there are loads of scrappy fabrics in the top!  I tried to be as scrappy as the original!  I finished my top almost a year ago...took me awhile to get it quilted...good thing we have a show coming up or it may not have been finished even now!

Oh dear...was going to write a long post but the thunder is rolling in and I need to shut down the computer again...