Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Paducah...the mini-series!

Hope you aren't tired of seeing quilts from Paducah yet?  (Obviously Dobby my cat thinks I've spent too much time with my fabric today....)  At the show I took a lot of photos of quilts that didn't win ribbons but that I loved.  (You can see the winners in the magazine and on the AQS website.)  I have a difficult time selecting a favorite.  The one below has stuck with me though....I like the variety of techniques and just a touch of whimsy/wonkiness in the flying geese gives it so much motion.

(And of course the photos don't always do the quilts justice...my apologies to the makers!  For instance this quilt lays flat but due to the alternating light and dark side of the logcabin blocks in the border the photo looks a bit wavey)
A effective set for embroidered blocks.  Nice gradation of colors.  Perfects circles appliqued in the border!

In addition to the show there are several exhibits.  Within the show is the Pilgrim and Roy Challenge that I mentioned in my last post.  This quilt by Diane Gudinsky (spelling?)  was part of this year's exhibit.

There was also an exhibit from a guild showing western themed quilts.  They were really nice.  Loved this one with the vintage cowgirl photos.
And this one from the same exhibit....

If you are in Paducah you must check out the National Quilt Museum.  In addition to their standing collection there was an exhibit on baskets that showed both antique quilts and newly made ones inspired by the antiques. I was inspired!

At the rotary club there was and exhibit of antique quilts from the Christ collection.  A beautiful collection of Pennsylvania quilts.  The Christ's will also be at the show this summer in Hershey...I am hoping to go to the show with Tonya...keeping fingers crossed!  I bought a couple of the Christ's (pronounced with a soft i) past catalogs for the "library/collection."  At the back of the rotary hall there was also some of the Hoffman Challenge Wallhangings.

These are all quilts in addition to the quilts in the show...and this doesn't even include all the quilts in the vendor booths.  To say there is a lot to take in is an understatement!
A quick Macbeth update...he had his sonogram this morning.  Of course when we walked into the animal hospital he was prancing like he was entering a show ring.  He tired out quickly though...even took a nap and snored loudly for the tech.  He seems to be doing better today.  We'll get results tomorrow from our regular vet.


judith lockhart said...

Thanks for the great showing of pics from Paducah! Always nice to see them when you can't be there. Quite interesting quilts!

Impera_Magna said...

What beautiful quilts... fascinating!

I'm glad MacBeth is doing better today.... praying for good news from the vet tomorrow!

Janet O. said...

Never tire of seeing beautiful quilts!
Hope things go well for Mac! Maybe he was just missing you terribly (like your husband)! : )

Loris said...

Hello to Dobby there. He has good taste in fabric. I love that quilt with the wonky flying geese. What a perfect blend of colors and designs. Glad to hear Mac is doing better today. I'm keeping him in my prayers.

Ali Honey said...

I too like that top quilt.
The wee dots beside the log cabins appeal to me.With the time it took to do the stitcheries that quilt had many hours work in it.

The Civil War Quilter said...

Lots of great quilts! Almost as good as being there. Thanks!

Merilyn said...

Thankyou for sharing such lovely quilts, I have to say I love the last one - the tribute to red/white quilts, I love how the maker made it look like various quilts were cut up and put together again to show the variety of red/white designs - very creative work there!!!
I hope Macbeth continues to do well!

Tonya Ricucci said...

that Diane G is gorgeous, richly colored as always. ooh, love that red and white tribute quilt too.

Clare said...

Love the red and white. Lovely.

Sorry to read about Mac. Hope things are ok.

Linda said...

I never tire of seeing photos from big quilt shows. The quilts are always so amazing! Plus, it's just fun to spy on all the stuff!!! Lots of eyecandy. I'm so glad Mac is feeling better.