Friday, June 20, 2014


Haven't made too much progress with the baskets...still working on the garden and had to deal with a broken air-conditioner (of course that happens when it is 95+ degrees outside!)

So I thought I'd post a few photos of some other basket blocks, top, and quilts I have in the quilt closet...

This is a Southern Quilt.  These colors are frequently used in the Carolina's and Tennessee regions.

 The three row sashing also marks it as southern.   It is all hand-pieced but the basket handles are machine appliqued.  Several other quilt collectors said they have quilts where the handles are machine appliqued...wonder if it was printed somewhere to do that or the maker was just proud to have a machine so used it where it would be most noticed?!

 Finally, it came from an estate in Aiken, S.C.  Sadly it is in fragile condition due to exposure to heat (Southern baked quilt) which usually happens when they are kept in attics or sheds.

These are some more blocks that came with the ones in my last post.  These are a bit smaller in size.  I love the pink wonky block!  These are in really good shape and will most likely be made into a quilt.  Fun fabrics.

I only have one basket came out of a home in Thompson Georgia.

I like the embroidery.

I think the blocks were made by a group since the layout and quality of stitches varies.

This the top I am currently is called Charleston Basket but it isn't really a basket just a woven design!  It is based on a turn of the century quilt in the Volkering Collection.

Dobby has claimed this one as his own!


Karen said...

The color combination of the turquoise, red, and yellow in the first basket quilt intrigues me. Intense in color but it works very well. I think I could be happy making one like this.

Chantal said...

The Southern Basket quilt is really a stunning one! WOW! Too bad it is so fragile because it would really jazz up a bedroom. I love it. Love the little pink basket, so cute. Thanks for sharing.

Marj said...

Beautiful quilts, thanks for sharing.
Hope your air is fixed ASAP.

antique quilter said...

always fun to see your posts of antique quilts , blocks. inspirational!

Janet O. said...

What a happy grouping of basket quilts. I especially like the last one that appears to be a group effort. : )